· February, 2011

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Stories about Ukrainian from February, 2011

Ukraine: Dear Polish Delegation, We’re in Shock, Too

  20 February 2011

Earlier this week, a Ukrainian TV station broadcasted a report about the visit of the Polish parliamentary delegation to Ukraine's parliament. According to the report, the Polish visitors were shocked by the Ukrainian MPs’ illegal practice of voting on behalf of fellow party members. Tetyana Bohdanova reports on Ukrainian netizens' reactions.

Ukraine: Facebook's Popularity Grows

  10 February 2011

Maksym Savanevsky of Watcher.com.ua reports (UKR) on Facebook's increasing popularity in Ukraine: the number of users has grown by 400% in 2010; monthly growth rate is about 14%; some 1,161,000 people (or 2.5% of Ukraine's population) have Facebook accounts, and, if growth continues at the same rate, 4 million Ukrainians...

Ukraine: 3 Million New Internet Users in 2010

  4 February 2011

A study cited [UKR] by Korrespondent.net shows that the number of Internet users in Ukraine has increased by 29%, or by 3 million people, in 2010. Ukraine's current Internet audience is 11.3 million people, with 88% of users accessing the net daily, 10% – several times a week, 1% –...

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