· December, 2010

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Stories about Ukrainian from December, 2010

Ukraine: Blood in the Parliament

  18 December 2010

On Dec. 16, a fierce fight broke out in the Ukrainian Parliament, sending at least four lawmakers to the hospital with injuries of various degrees of severity. Tetyana Bohdanova reviews blog and Twitter reactions of the Ukrainian public and politicians.

Ukraine: Bloggers React to Police Demolition of Tax Protest Camp

  3 December 2010

Early on Friday morning, some 250 policemen, including riot police, appeared on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) to back up municipal maintenance workers who came to dismantle the tax code protesters' tent camp. The demolition immediately drew attention of the Ukrainian blogosphere: many bloggers were angry with the authorities and saw their actions as undemocratic. Tetyana Bohdanova reviews some of these reactions.

Ukraine: Anti-Tax Code Protests Continue

  3 December 2010

Despite the presidential veto, anti-tax code protests continue in Ukraine (some photos – here). @O_Severyn questions (UKR, #kat_ua) the authenticity of happiness displayed by some protesters in response to Parliament approving the new code with presidential proposals: “They say fireworks and happy “Maidanarbeiters” is a work of [Party of Regions]’...

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