Demystifying Russia's Caucasus Network

"Yeti TV" Dombay Mountain

“Yeti TV” Dombay Mountain, Caucasus 2006. Photo by Gleb Kachaev (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Mari Bastashevski and Sergey Ponomarev have produced this series of texts and videos for Global Voices’ RuNet Echo project to describe the blogosphere of the Russian North Caucasus. Virtually no information is available about the blogging world of this remote region. How similar are the online dynamics to other parts of Russia and the world? The uniqueness of this study is that it reflects on differences within the Russian blogosphere between ethnic Russian bloggers and bloggers of North Caucasus.

This unique series of blogger profiles and articles tell a nuanced story to challenge common stereotypes of netizens in the North Caucasus.

Table of Contents

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