Surviving in Syria

A disabled women looking for her home amid the rubble in Homs city. Photo by: Yazan Homsi. From his public Facebook page.

More than 100,000 have lost their lives in a bloody battle for control of Syria between forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad and the factions that are opposed to his rule. Inspired by the Arab Spring in Egypt and Tunisia, a revolution started in Syria on March 15, 2011 to remove the government, but as Assad brutally holds on to power, the revolt has spiraled into a conflict that the UN says is “drastically deteriorating” with up to 5,000 people dying every month.

Around 1.7 million Syrians have been forced to seek shelter in neighbouring countries and dozens of historical buildings have been destroyed by bombings. But the stories of resistance from peaceful protesters, armed combatants, and hundreds of thousands of refugees remains largely uncovered by mainstream media. Our Special Coverage aims to highlight the faces of strength and survival rising from the deadly conflict that is raging in Syria.

2013 Coverage

World on Syria
13 Oct Syria: Banksy’s Crude Politics
12 Oct Nobel Peace Prize Fails to Pacify
22 Oct The Crowd in the Machine
1 Oct  How is Lebanon Dealing with the Massive Influx of Syrian Refugees?
1 Oct  The 16-year-old Saudi Who is Fighting in Syria
30 Sep Syrian-Palestinian Refugees of Rap: “The Age of Silence is Over”
23 Sep GV Face: Worldwide Media Coverage of Syria
17 Sep Do These Videos Show Iranians Fighting in Syria's War?
12 Sep How Russians Read Putin's NYT Op-Ed on Syria
10 Sep Pro-Assad And/Or Anti-War Demonstrations?
10 Sep A Political Solution for Syria
10 Sep Humour: Potential Targets in the Strike on Syria
9 Sep “World is Happy for Assad to Continue Killing Syrians
4 Sep “In Damascus All is Quiet”: Russians Report from Syria
4 Sep Drums of War on Syria Getting Louder

Stories of Survival
26 Dec Merry Christmas from Syrian Artists
20 Dec Syria: The Free Women of Darayya
12 Dec Video: “Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution” in Syria
19 Nov Bicycles as a Solution in the Streets of Damascus
19 Oct Artists Search for Eid in Syria's War
6 Aug Syrian Pianist Malek Jandali: “We Need Freedom for True Art”
16 Jul Artists Capture a Bloody Ramadan in Syria
7 Jun Syrian Creativity: Radio SouriaLi Broadcasts over the Internet
28 May Syria Untold: Raqqa Lessons, From Freedom to Creativity in State Building
13 May ‘Syria Untold': The Storytelling of the Syrian Revolution 
9 Apr Syria: Tweeting from the Frontline in Aleppo
8 Mar Palestine/Syria: A Tale of Two Women
31 Jan Children Crisis in Syria: How You Can Help 
25 Jan Kurds Caught Between Islamists and the PKK in Syria
13 Jan Graffiti War on Syrian Walls
11 Jan Conversations: The Mayor of a Christian Syrian Village
11 Jan Social Media Buzz: The Fallout of Assad's Speech
10 Jan Conversations: A Road Trip to Idlib
9 Jan An Alawite Nurse in a Sunni Hospital in Syria
8 Jan The Last Survivors of Aleppo’s Infantry School
8 Jan Social Media Buzz: The Crimes We Don’t See in Syria
7 Jan Assad's Delusional #DonkeySpeech Scorned
7 Jan  Yesterday, I Defected from Assad's Army
4 Jan “Some Hope for a Solution in Syria” – Michel Kilo
2 Jan A New Year of Syria’s Turmoil
2 Jan Cats, Guns and Spoils of War in Rural Idlib, Syria
2 Jan Social Media Buzz: Rebels Lose a Charismatic Commander in Syria

Syria's Refugees
19 Nov PHOTOS: Five Stories About Syrian Refugees You Need to Know
2 Jul Videogame: Zaytoun, the Little Syrian-Palestinian Refugee
18 May Turkey: Syrian Refugees Targeted after Reyhanlı Blast
4 Jan An Alawite Outcast: How One Syrian Girl Lost Her Mother

Destruction in Syria
16 Jul VIDEO: Historic Khalid ibn al-Walid Mosque Bombed in Syria
13 Jun Syria: Old Homs Under Siege for a Year
4 Mar Hafez Al Assad's Statue Destroyed in Syria
24 Feb Syria: “Lens of a Young Homsi”, Photographs of a City under Siege
31 Jan  Syrian photographer wins first place in a competition in Germany

Tales of Death and War
24 Dec Blood on Camera: 18-year-old Syrian Dies Covering the War for Reuters
13 Nov Syrian Journalist Abdulwahab Mulla Kidnapped in Liberated Aleppo
20 Oct No Man's Land: Kidnapping Journalists Worsens in Syria
21 Aug Assad Accused of Dropping Chemical Bombs on Damascus Suburb Al Ghouta
2 Jul Light Weapons: Moving Pictures From Syria
13 Jun Syria: 18 Journalists Killed in January
13 Jun Syria: Criticizing Arab Silence
22 May 14-year-old Citizen Journalist Killed Covering Clashes in Syria
27 Jan Syrian Children Pay the Steep Price of War
17 Jan More than 80 Killed at Aleppo University in Syria
11 Jan How Many More Syrians Must Die?

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