Bloodbath in Egypt

"Scene at Rabaa's frontline resembles a warzone." Photo by Egyptian photojournalist Mosa'ab Elshamy,from his Twitter account @mosaaberizing

“Scene at Rabaa's frontline resembles a warzone.” Photo by Egyptian photojournalist Mosa'ab Elshamy on August 14, 2013 from his Twitter account @mosaaberizing

Armed with snipers and tear gas, Egyptian security forces initiated a bloody crackdown on August 14, 2013 to clear supporters of the country's ousted president Mohamed Morsi from two sit-in camps at opposite corners of the capital Cairo, where they have been camped for weeks, demanding Morsi's reinstatement.

The two camp sites – Nahda Square and near the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque – became scenes of horrific carnage. A statement issued by the Egypt Anti Coup Alliance said more than 2,000 had been killed. Egypt's Health Ministry said at least 525 people were killed in the operation and clashes across the country, and more than 3500 injured.

The violence also spread beyond Cairo, and Coptic churches were attacked across the country.

Bloodbath in Egypt

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Crackdown on Morsi supporters and the Muslim Brotherhood

Ever since Morsi was ousted July 3, his supporters and Muslim Brotherhood members have been protesting and demanding that he be reinstated. Egypt's military has been trying to suppress them, sometimes violently, but the carnage on August 14 was the most violence they have shown recently.

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Movement to Overthrow Morsi 

Morsi's one-year reign as the President of Egypt come to an end, following massive coordinated protests calling for the senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to resign swept across the country on June 30. Within three days, the Egyptian military responded by suspending the constitution and appointing an interim replacement for Morsi.

The head of the Egyptian Armed Forces General Abdel Fattah Al Sisi made the announcement in a live broadcast on July 3. Al Sisi also announced that preparations will be made for both presidential and parliamentary elections. Morsi responded to Sissi’s statement with this from his Twitter account: “Measures announced by the armed forces’ leadership represent a full coup, categorically rejected by all the free men of our nation.”

Many were happy to see the end of the Muslim Brotherhood's days at the helm of Egyptian politics, but some are worried that the military intervention could have disastrous consequences on the future of Egyptian democracy [ar].

Celebrations in capital Cairo, the night Morsi is removed. Image by A.R Media Bank International Copyright Demotix July 3, 2013

Celebrations in capital city Cairo the night Morsi is removed. Image by A.R Media Bank International. Copyright Demotix July 3, 2013.

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Morsi as President

Morsi was sworn in on 30 June 2012, as Egypt's first democratically elected president. He succeeded Hosni Mubarak, who held office of the President of Egypt for thirty years and was also forced to resign by the army on 11 February 2011, following mass protests in Tahrir square during the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

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