Death of Hugo Chavez

Miles marcharon en apoyo al presidente Chávez en enero, mientras seguía bajo tratamiento en Cuba. Foto de Jesus Gil, copyright Demotix

Thousands marched in support of President Chávez in January 2013 while he was still undergoing cancer treatment in Cuba. Photo by Jesus Gil, copyright Demotix

On 5 March 2013, after 14 years as president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías died at the age of 58. Chávez had been battling cancer since 2010. His illness prevented him from taking oath of office after he was re-elected for a fourth term in October of last year. Chávez was celebrated as a staunch critic of the US, and the man who inspired a left-wing revival across Latin America.

The man dies and the legend begins, that is inevitable.

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