India: The Women's Reservation Bill

Sandeep Bansal at Desicritics discusses whether the impending enactment of the Woman's reservation bill will make any significant impact to the Indian society.


  • I am not sure how much will really change. On International Women Day, I wonder whether India has much to celebrate.

  • What a stupid politicians. If this bill was for reservation of women in govt jobs they would had passed it very happily. Now their jobs and seats are in danger they are opposing it. This reservation bill should pass at any cost. Otherwise their should not be any reservation for anybody.

  • The PM will meet the SP and RJD chief but if he had done this earlier, the bill could have passed through on March 8. No worries for existing politicians, now they’ll push their wives and daughters to contest from other areas and whole family will contest for elections :)

  • The Women’s Reservation Bill in current form is an attack on democracy as it proposes to deny 110 million men the right to contest in elections.

    The Germany’s models of reservations by political parties is democratic. That’s what the bill should do.

    The bill has to be redrafted to making it mandatory for all political parties to field 30% women in elections.

  • RA Singh

    Woman`s bill, all party peaople they are trying only apolitics of always remain in their hands, plus they are in power they wants the reservation only for their ladies only, who are alway in power and well enough, no body wants the reservation for weaker sections ladies,
    I am requesting through the social plate form these section`s people that all the MP`s MLA from these community demand reservation in this bill for their community. Also I declare from these community people will not Vote to such party or leader who will not ask reservation in this bill for weaker section`s ladies,
    RA Singh

  • Gopal Madhu

    Reservation of parliamentary or legislative seats to ladies or SC/ StT or backward castes is a negative concept promoted by India and this is degenerating Indian politics, society, culture, mutual relations, growth and development. This results in exploitation, corruption and pollution in public life. Effirts are required to enhance, growth and harmony and that will automatically result in alroubd development with natural justice.

    Ladies reservation will disturb and diminish equilibrium of society and it is against law of nature.Most ladies play a great role as mothers, wives, caretakers, spiritual and psychic companion and guide. Those who are good in political and administrative roles get engaged in these roles in a natural way even now. It is not necessary to increase that number as it will create vacuum in other spheres and dimensions.
    Who will provide cushion and affection to leaders and administrators when they suffer from management sttress and strains.

    By nature, ladies have more psychic fluctutations and they may make unbalanced decisions because of psychological and spiritual limitations and that may disturb equilibrium of society.

    Politicians will exploit reservations as of now and create disputes and lack of harmony. So far, they were dividing castes and religions, now they will exploit family unit as well. Individual, social and collective life may be put to chaos soon.

    Even utterances and jokes of senior party leaders indicate their lack of any insight and upcoming intended short sighted adventures.

    Indians must wake up and stop it all or nature will teach them lession while they suffer natural calamities and individual hardships.आए

    Purus’a is in control of Prakrti all times. Purus’a charactersistics are there in both male and female beings. Any one can have different gender in next or previous lives. Same human may have at different times different dominance of male or female characterstics. They are al need or situation based. They are all great in their own roles. Purus’a cannot work without prakrti and vice versa. However, role of female and prakrti as it is now is not less important. There is nothing great in playing just male or purus’a roles. Role of mother, wife or Ardhana’riishvar Shiva or spiritual beings is not less important.

    It looks, Bharat is forgetting it’s culture, blindly following west, even doing things which they are not doing in adventure and what not. BJP like Congress also looks to have same political short sighted agenda rather then strengthening real Bharatiya culture which is universal and spiritual in naure.

    May supreme consciousness intervene and suitably guide and mould Bharat which is the only long term Vishva Mata. Whole world looks to India for guidance. Let India stand on solid feet of Bharatiya sabhyata and not wander in wonderland of short sighted world and it’s petty politicians.

    Even ordering party whips and marshals is murder of democracy. So far, I thought Yadavas in politics were no good but for whatever logic they might be opposing women reservation bill, they look to be helping nature and supreme consciousness knowingly or unknowingly.

    Let every one understand it’s repercussions and oppose it. No reservation should now be moto. That will strengthen society and set politicians in proper theme. It may be good if present politics is shown the way out and a sincere, honest, educated, moralistic and devoted new breed of politics comes into flow.

    With deep regards to you all


  • Concerned Person

    An open letter

    Honourable representatives of the people of India,

    Your commitment to the empowerment of weaker sections of the society including women and children is indeed commendable. Every citizen of India should be able to avail equal opportunity in all public sphere of the nation. However, often people find helpless to break the barriers of social, financial and political structures to fulfil their potential. You have a constitutional responsibility to enact policies and programs to bring about the change needed to ensure that everyone has an equal right to enjoy the protection that the constitution guarantees. It nevertheless becomes appalling when your attempts towards such an ideal weaken the very democratic institutions that empower you to herald change by constitutional provisions.

    Democracy is all about choice. The citizens have an inalienable right to elect the best and the brightest, at least in theory, to represent them at the highest citadel of the constitution. Irrespective of their class, creed, gender, etc, the candidates should have the highest calibre not only in terms of (paper) qualifications but also the knowledge and foresight required to learn in advance the designs of the adversaries and enemies of this nation and to pro-actively put in place sufficient counter measures to make the nation safer and stronger. This objective is affected when the pool of candidates is restricted to any specific demographics, however benign the intentions were and erodes democratic values as well as produces inefficiency. Needles to say, that such restrictions are against the character of the constitution. It is not acceptable.

    At least the three foundational pillars of a democracy, namely the legislature, executive and judiciary should be untouched by emotional considerations and nothing but merit – repeat merit alone – should be the sole criteria to determine who is placed where. To increase participation, no one should be allowed to appease any section of the electorate by unconstitutional means like this. The citizens of this country do not need a queen (or king) of India dishing out privileges out of self-interest to any sections of the society under the pre-text of empowerment but demand the wise representatives to collectively come up with conducive programs that are constitutionally valid to make this ancient land a strong democracy and powerful economy. Thank you.

  • vsubraya

    I read online – which published in 2003…

    “Women are not asking for grace and charity. Their contribution to the cause of nation-building exceeds that of men. An International Labour Organisation study shows that “while women represent 50 percent of the world adult population and a third of the official labour force, they perform nearly two-third of all working hours, receive a tenth of world income and own less than one percent of world property.” Therefore, reservation for women is not a bounty but only an honest recognition of their contribution to social development.”

    Since i am NRI and staying outside India, but I am Happy today., that there is some development.


  • sandeep kumar srivastava

    womens reservation bill passed in the rajya sabha, and if it will become success in lok sabha then it would be good for the women empowerment and may fulfill the requirment of eqality stated in the fundamental right of contitution of india.

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