7 March 2010

Stories from 7 March 2010

What is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test?

  7 March 2010

The NihongoUp Blog gives an in-depth explanation of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) – “It is a Japanese language test for non-native speakers, held twice a year in East Asia and once a year in the rest of the world.”

Bangladesh: Photo Competition For The Bihari Refugees

  7 March 2010

Six Oranges reports that a photo competition titled Ummid (hope) has been arranged to mark the second anniversary of the granting of citizenship to stranded Biharis (Pakistanis) by the supreme court of Bangladesh. The competition will bring attention on the problems of the refugees that still remain.

Trinidad & Tobago: The Hart of the Matter

  7 March 2010

News broke late yesterday that Calder Hart, the Canadian-born head of The Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (UDeCOTT), the company pegged as "Government's primary developer of choice", resigned from his post as Executive Chairman.

Uganda: Religious leader and activists petition parliament

  7 March 2010

Religious leaders and activists petition parliament in Uganda: “On Monday 01 March 2010 a delegation of activists AIDS service providers, Spiritual mentors and counsellors took centre stage in Kampala when they met the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda Rt. Hon. Edward Ssekandi Kiwanuka over the Anti-Homosexuality...

South Africa: Wake-up call for South African soccer

  7 March 2010

Thomas Kwenaite discusses the future of South African soccer in the light of Orlando Pirates’ shocking exit from the African Champions League competition: “The South African Premiership might be rated among the seven best commercially successful leagues in the world and number one in Africa, but certainly the strength of...

Malaysia: 3 women caned for having illicit sex

  7 March 2010

Three women were caned in Malaysia after a Shariah court found them guilty of having “sex out of wedlock.” They were the first Muslim women to be caned for committing Shariah violations. Bloggers react

Japan: Flight Doctor Tweeting in Chile

  7 March 2010

Flight doctor George Tomioka, who is in Chile as part of the Japan Disaster Relief Team from JICA, is tweeting at @georgetomioka [ja]. Here's a tweet from March 7th: “[Chile Info #3] The parks in Chillan were filled with tents right after the earthquake, but people have started to head...

Syria: Bloggers Discuss Secularism

The Middle East is often associated with Islam, not only as a faith but also as a political ideology and a system of governance. Can secularism ever be implemented in the region? Is it any good? And what is secularism really? These are a few of the questions some Syrian bloggers have been trying to answer.

Russia: More People Use Twitter

The number of Twitter users in Russia multiplied 26 times in one year. There are currently 183.000 Russians using Twitter. The recent statistics were published by the Russian Internet company  “Yandex.” According to the data, 60% of users use the microblogging service on a daily basis and leave 150,000 tweets...