15 June 2007

Stories from 15 June 2007

Bookcovers from Tahiti

  15 June 2007

Tahiti: Litterature, Musique et… has been posting retro covers of Tahitian novels and books about Tahitian history, culture and society.

Gabon: Libreville mermaid hoax (via St. Petersburg, Florida)

  15 June 2007

Association des gabonais d'Amiens dispels a mermaid hoax [Fr]. Photographs of a mermaid supposedly discovered dead on a beach in Libreville were actually downloaded from an eBay auction for a mermaid sighting in St. Petersburg, Florida. The St. Petersburg photographs sold for US$1500 to a French natural history museum.

Khatami in Trouble

Former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami is in trouble back home for shaking “women's hands” while in Italy, reports …Or Does It Explode, which looks into human rights abuses in the Middle East.

Egypt: Muslim Christian Clashes Averted

“Everyday when I wake up in the morning I get on my knees and thank God that weapons and arms are not widely available in Egypt. If they were, there would have been some sort of a civil war in Egypt between its Muslims and Christians,” writes the Big Pharaoh...

Kenya: Defending citizen media

  15 June 2007

Mental Acrobatics defends bloggers’ coverage of the recent bomb explosion in Kenya: “I would argue that it is stories like this that rather than showing the danger of blogs, HIGHLIGHT the importance of blogs and other citizen media.”

Korea: Loan Companies and Advertising

  15 June 2007

From some time, advertisements for personal loan companies have appeared in TV, magazines, and newspapers in Korea. Famous entertainers showed their faces in these advertisements. It took time for people to figure out what kind of advertisements they are, but they are now among the most common. Recently, the decisions...

Dear GV, From the iSummit

  15 June 2007

Global Voices author Renata Avila sends this blog postcard from the iSummit in Croatia, which brings together a global community "working together to build a community of freedom - to create, to use, to share."

Barbados, Venezuela: The Arms Race

  15 June 2007

“The ‘new Cuba’ in the Caribbean is using oil revenues to arm itself in ways that Castro never could.” Barbados Free Press reports on Venezuela's purchase of weaponry from Russia.