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January, 2011

Stories from January, 2011

Russia: Bloggers Protest Against Educational Reform

Honduras: New WikiLeaks Cables Reveal US Involvement in Honduran Politics

Iran: “Our friend Mr. ElBaradei” in Egypt

Iranian bloggers from across the political spectrum continue to share their opinions on uprisings in the Arab world. One conservative Islamist blogger sees an opportunity for the Iranian regime if...

Russia: Blogger Released After 14 Months of Penal Colony

Pakistan: Blackwater Again?

India: Twitter And Our Lives

Iraq: A Salute to the People of Egypt

Salam Adil rounds up the Iraqi bloggers' take on the demonstrations in Egypt. Read it now before the world changes.

Bangladesh: Politics And Dr. Yunus

Guatemala: The Left Unites During Election Year

Comparing Mexico to Egypt

Africa: Has African Union become a group of jokers?

Saudi Arabia: Netizens Support Egyptians in their Uprising

Saudi Arabia's netizens are lending their support to Egyptians in their uprising against president Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule. Many are watching, reporting on and reacting to the developments on the...

Africa: This is Africa website

Trinidad & Tobago: Fine Flavour Cocoa

Venezuela: Cholera Cases on the Rise

During a wedding held in the Dominican Republic, a group of Venezuelans were diagnosed with symptoms of cholera after eating contaminated food. What were initially 13 cases has increased rapidly...

Egypt Protests 2011 in Seoul, South Korea.

Sudan: Tweeting #SudanJan30

Using the social networking site Facebook, Sudanese students called for a street demonstration on January 30 to protest against the government of Omar al-Bashir. The protests have claimed the life...

Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago: Looking at Egypt

Trinidad & Tobago: In Solidarity Over Kato's Death

Cuba: Arrest & Release #3

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