· August, 2008

Stories about Youth from August, 2008

China: He Kexin and “babygate”

  22 August 2008

Imagethief picks up the debate on the age issue of He Kexin, the golden girl of Chinese gymnastics, and notices a cold-war double standard in some of the mainstream media report with a story plot of Ours=plucky, heroic achievers. Theirs=manufactured robots/slaves/dopers.

Cuba: Corrupt Survival

  21 August 2008

“At his young age, he already understands that it doesn’t matter how many times you cross the line of illegality as long as you keep applauding. For him, if they let him continue to line his pockets, socialism could well be eternal”: Yoani Sanchez blogs about corruption and its strong...

China: Cheering for the race traitors

  20 August 2008

Those thin-skinned cyber-mobsters must have heatstroke; Chinese coach leads US women's volleyball team to victory against China and gets dissed by a chess grandmaster, then: The majority of the netizens disagreed with his view. The American team led by Lang Ping was received with warm cheers of “Coach Lang, we...

Bhutan: Reduced Maternity Leave?

  19 August 2008

Recently Bhutan government has proposed reduction of maternity leave from 3 months to 45 days only in a draft revision of the labor act. Tshokey in Kuzu Bhutan weblog builds a case against the reduction stating why the leave is important for the newborn and the mother and what the...

China: Pick your truth on He Kexin's age

  16 August 2008

People are calling for bone testing to find the truth regarding He Kexin‘s age, Life 2.0 blogger Isaac Mao writes: ‘Forget that, we've already won and lost all the face there is to win or lose. The IOC is playing stupid, so let them have it.’ So just what is...

China: Fake news plagues Chinese sports reports

  15 August 2008

So much speculation these past few days on the ages of some of the girls on China's Olympic gymnastics team, specifically He Kexin and a fair amount of references to keep it going. Famous Chinese sports writer and Bullog blogger Wang Xiaoshan has posted a dramatically-titled piece, ‘Fake news kills’,...

Lebanon: Terrorist Attack in Tripoli – II

The terrorist attack that took place in Tripoli, Lebanon, is the most fatal since the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Al Hariri in February 2005. The place and the target of the attack are of serious implications and may have grave consequences on Lebanon as a whole. This may be one of the reasons why the media and the blogosphere is giving it so much coverage, writes Moussa Bashir, who brings us more reactions from Lebanon.

Peru: Photos of Children from the Highlands

  15 August 2008

Luis Yupanqui of Peruviajero [es] publishes photos of children from the Peruvian highlands. He writes, “I don't take their souls, as is believed in many highland towns, but I do take with me that child's innocence, those smiles and eyes wide open and curious that feed my soul.”

Singapore: Weakness of education system

  14 August 2008

Ian On The Red Dot wonders if swimmer Michael Phelps would have succeeded if the Olympic gold medalist was born in Singapore. The blogger criticizes Singapore’s education system which pushes students “who don’t do well in academics into a lower stream.”

Haiti: Restavèk

  14 August 2008

“The restavèk practice essentially throws away the lives of children and along with them Haiti’s future”: jmc strategies maintains that no matter how you slice it, “the practice of ‘lending’ a child away to go and live with well-off families” is still a form of slavery.

China: Lip-Syncing. Big deal.

  14 August 2008

Is the Yang Peiyi incident being blown out of proportion by Western media? See what Kaiser Kuo has to say on that at the Ogilvy8 @ Beijing Olympics blog.

China: Opening ceremony deceptions continue to disappoint

  14 August 2008

This is starting to get a bit brutal; news today that the children seen in the harmonious 56 ethnic minorities—China's version of a multicultural policy—portion of the Olympics opening ceremony were actually all Han. Writes Twitter user @FrankYu: “China's Opn Cer. is facing a loss of credibility on the scale...

China: How old is He Kexin?

  14 August 2008

While authorities state she is of Olympic regulation age, China Digital Times‘ Xiao Qiang looks at one of several sources that put He Kexin‘s age at around fourteen.

Haiti: Olympic Potential

  13 August 2008

“f there are indeed Haitian athletes in Beijing who decide to defect, I could not blame them”: jmc strategies compares China's progress to Haiti's, asking: “Do you think a new Haiti is possible and are you prepared to do what it takes to…get it to a point where it produces...