China: Pick your truth on He Kexin's age

People are calling for bone testing to find the truth regarding He Kexin‘s age, Life 2.0 blogger Isaac Mao writes: ‘Forget that, we've already won and lost all the face there is to win or lose. The IOC is playing stupid, so let them have it.’ So just what is the truth? Mao proposes four of them:

1. The gymnastics team is lying;
2. The media have been too, since last year;
3. Both of the above and He is actually 20 years old;
4. Nobody is lying—Superman went back in his time machine and altered the news reports to smear China.


  • Umme

    I choose number 4.. hahahahaha.

  • Ling Huang

    If it is true, shame on them. Poor girl. Lives in such a country, lives in lies. May god forgive her.

  • Spelunker

    Is Isaac Mao trying to be a comedian? If that’s his only contribution to the He Kexin story then I find it pathetic and unworthy of transfer to Global Voices.
    Why do we need a second story on He Kexin when the first one (How Old Is He Kexin? was sufficient and still in the midst of intelligent discussion?
    If this is going to be the thread for stupid jokes about He Kexin, then I nominate this one by Truly Caucasian under a similar article at China Digital Times:

    “I just read an article about condom distribution in Olympic host cities and that there were 100,000 condoms supplied to the three Olympic Villages in Beijing, Qingdao, and Hong Kong.
    I also researched another tidbit of information at INTERPOL’s website and found out that the legal age of consent for sexual activity in China is 16.

    What would happen if a male 18 year old British gymnast, Daniel Keatings for example, got caught in the act at the Olympic Village with a consenting He Kexin? The ensuing heated exchange between INTERPOL and the IOC would become the second most watched video on YouTube! (The first of course being cell phone footage of the two gymnast’s hotel room tumbling exercises)

  • Matsuko

    I will pick none of them really. All of the Olympic Gymnasts have shown that age has no factor in the true talent. They won, the US won, so why does it matter so much?

    The deserve their metals. The girls did what they know how to do best. They did what they were told and nothing more.

  • Bry

    I cannot believe how much rubbish this is causing – face it, the Americans lost to a better athlete. If she is that young, then just think of all the extra years she will whip American ass, and start crying about even more, you big babies!!

  • chan

    Anyone knows why SUPERMAN like to wearing his “red under wear” outside ??? cooler ? :-)

  • Meg

    It has nothing to do with being American or not. Winning or Losing… the medal color doesn’t matter in the end.

    What matters is following rules and not following rules. When I was 14 I could not drive a car. When I was 14 I could not compete in the Olympics. When I was 16 I could drive a car. When I was 16 I could compete in the Olympics.

    See how simple it really is? Why bother with a lie?

  • gao

    “What matters is following rules and not following rules.”

    the end justifies the means, heard of that? Grow up a bit Meg, if you want to make it look postive think about some ways that can enforce the rules. btw, rules are just rules, not justice.

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