· August, 2008

Stories about Youth from August, 2008

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Reaping What You Sow

  12 August 2008

Abeni from St. Vincent and the Grenadines pays a visit to the Serious Offences Court and says she felt “sick to (her) stomach at the number of youths facing charges…it appears we have too many angry youths out there who seem to know only one way of resolving conflicts.”

China: Flawless Girl at the Olympic Opening?

  12 August 2008

China Digital Times translated an interview with Chen Qigang, the General Music Designer of the Opening Ceremony, who revealed that the that the voice everyone heard singing at the Opening Ceremony was actually a pre-recording of another child.

Jordan: Arabic Harry Potter Banned in Israel

The Arabic version of the Harry Potter series is banned in Israel, reports The Black Iris, from Jordan. According to news sources, the ban is based on a decree from 1939 – when the area was under British mandate – prohibiting the importation of books from countries that are at...

AIDS Conference youth: A force to be reckoned with

  11 August 2008

One of the most active zones at the Global Village in the AIDS conference was certainly the Youth Action Zone, where youth from many different parts of the world got together to talk about their experiences, their hopes, their dreams and how change should come about taking their participation seriously. Their YouTube Channel has a series of videos from the AIDS conference, interviews and commentary about their role in taking control of the AIDS epidemic.

Anguilla: Carnival Stabbing

  11 August 2008

Corruption-free Anguilla reports on a fatal stabbing that has marred Anguilla's Carnival celebrations, while blogger Penny Legg says that the island “must clean up its act. Anguilla only has tourism…(it) needs to look critically at the problem it has with its youth.”

Barbados: Police Accountability

  11 August 2008

“A life full of promise and potential has been lost to us – both as a community and as a people”: Martial arts instructor Wayne Quintyne describes the I’Akobi Maloney he knew, while Barbados Free Press draws attention to another unresolved case of police brutality.

Philippines: Charcoal factory

  10 August 2008

Filipino jounalist and blogger Iris Cecilia Gonzales posts an article and several pictures about a make-shift charcoal factory in Manila.

Haiti: Child Labour

  8 August 2008

“Child slavery in Haiti may be the ultimate symbol of a state that has failed its most vulnerable members”: jmc strategies says that “key to ending child slavery in Haiti is creating long-term economic options for parents and access to quality education for children.”

Jamaica: Presumption of Innocence

  8 August 2008

My View of Jamdown from Up So thinks that Jamaicans are not being measured in their response to the crime situation: “Truly things…have become bad when cool-headed, optimistic people are joining in the call for ‘hard policing’; if we don’t address the real disease now, the day will soon come...

Cuba: Role of the Media

  7 August 2008

As one Havana-based blogger, Circles Robinson, is optimistic about Cuban media charting a new course, another, Yoani Sanchez, criticizes the media's complacency in reporting on issues like domestic violence: “How can a woman, who flees home to avoid the fists of her husband, know how to find a refuge where...

Nigeria: ChallengeIT Camp 2008

  6 August 2008

Oro blogs about ChallengeIT Camp 2008 in Nigeria. ChallengeIT is an information technology camp for senior secondary school students and post secondary students who are not above eighteen years old.

Armenia: Minority Education

  6 August 2008

Armenia: Higher Education & Sciences comments on a program to develop leadership skills among the country's ethnic minorities. Although not a specific area of focus of the specialist blog, it then goes on to discuss the various issues relating to minority education in Armenia.