China: How old is He Kexin?

While authorities state she is of Olympic regulation age, China Digital Times‘ Xiao Qiang looks at one of several sources that put He Kexin‘s age at around fourteen.


  • Tina

    Wow. People are really making this a big deal. Seriously, how can you fake it on your passport and birth certificate? Is it even possible? I just think that the U.S. are unable to accept their loss to the Chinese, and just because an American stated that she saw He Kexin has baby teeth, doesn’t mean that she’s below the minimum age requirements.

  • Nic

    I don’t think it is the matter that the US can’t accept their loss to China, I feel it is more the “equality” factor. If she is not below the minimum age requirement then they should not have a problem at all producing the papers that prove she is of age and proving that in the national news light that they are being questioned in.

  • MuLan

    USA claims its a strong and confident country. Well it sounds USA thinks every one is out to cheat it with age limit, baby teeth, and what not. tsk tsk, US is NOT only a bad loser, but also a double head snake so excellent at creating lies.

  • Tina

    That’s true. But I’m just mad because a lot of the press and other websites have stated that all the Chinese people are cheats, liars, and fakes while the truth behind this situation haven’t been figured out yet, and they still call us all a horrible country with horrible people.

  • Nic

    I agree with you Tina, we should not be calling each other horrible people and cheats. As to respond to MuLan, the US was not the country that brought this whole situation to light…it was actaully newspapers in China that first began listing the gymnasts as being too young and that their birthdates were different a few years ago. I will say yes, I was disappointed that the US lost the team gold, but they lost it on their mistakes. The had the opportunities and could not capitalize, but what is boils down to is competition at this level needs to be fair. If they were not of legal age then they broke the rules. China is already VERY strong in the world of gymnastics and they do not need to lie about ages. So as I said before, if they are being honest, then all they need to do is provide the proof and this will all be over, but until then those gymnasts, and the country will have this dark cloud over what should be AND is a proud moment for their nation.

  • Wei

    I was wondering when JK is going to pick this one up…

    How about more fuel for the fire:

    So far

    Chinese gold medals: 26
    Total medals for Canada: 0

  • Wei


    If it is the equality factor, why didn’t Mr Hamm give up his Gold Medal for the all around 4 years ago? It seems the American press + public has forgotten all about that little episode.

  • Califigga

    your all idiots….the government for china could have produced these girls passports and making there birthdate whatever they feel like…just because there passports say they are old enough doesn’t mean a thing….when i got my passport in the U.S….who made it?? the US government…..same things with the chinese…the government made He Kexin’s and made her old enough to compete…the chinese are cheaters because they want the world to think they are so great…..tell me why this is the first year the chinese have actually been one of the top contenders and competeing with the U.S for medal count and gold medals? Scandilous other countries….thats why i never travel outside of the U.S because of all the scandals i have come across dealing with other countries government and policing…you all can stay mad that your country sucks and is poor….i’ll keep riding down the street in my pearl white escalade on 22’s doing whatever the **** i want

  • Tina

    Hey Califigga, US isn’t perfect and maybe where you live, it’s great and seem like the finest place to live, but you are building a concrete wall amongst yourself. There are places in US that are poor and suckish. And besides, China was always one of the top countries with the most medals, the second most in 2004. US is always first because they have great athletes and China is now gaining up because they want to do their best on home soil.
    I think you should stop calling other people idiots are start looking in the mirror and take a good look at yourself. You shouldn’t judge other people without evidence, He Kexin’s issue hasn’t been finished yet. Even if she is under 16, you can call the Chinese Gymnastics Team a cheat, I don’t care, but you should say bad things about the people just because other people do and the press reported it that way. These aren’t your opinions on China, because you don’t even know what China is. Which is a fact because probably the closest you’ve been to China was at Pick Up Sticks.

    And you’re American right? If you are, you are not a good citizen. Haven’t you ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? You are rude, and you can start talking trash all you want, but if you can’t understand that simple little thing, I don’t think you even know your own country well enough.

    If you hate China so much, then stop buying 90% of America’s merchandise, cuz guess what? Most of them are all made in China…Hmm…I wonder why?

    Stop using one little incident that the gymnasts might have done to blame the whole country!

  • John

    Wow Califigga…you seem so cultured.

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