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India, Bangladesh: East Or West, Bengal Is The Best

Painter, photographer and blogger Ujwala Prabhu published a photo book titled East or West, Bengal is the best! based on photographs taken over a 3 week period in India and Bangladesh.


  • Arnab,
    Yr ideas r similar with few exceptions; I am not any politician and therefore all comments are impartial but yes feel sad about events by the Authorities i.e Leaders as to how they find all causes to kill humanity by starting hate campainga/riots etc whereas general Citizens are so friendly.
    India and bangladesh made a 25 years Friendship and Cooperation in fact Bangladesh in 1972 had no choice but to do that this is on the same lkine as Indo-Russian Friendship Treaty without which Russia wouldnt help and without which India couldnt help Bangladesh- Before this 25 years there is another treaty a five point one –which in total concludes the fact that Bangladesh is free but most things need approval from India- so Domination started –those r facts which you can google and check or through archives of Indian Newsoapers and J.N.Dixit Books.
    25 years treaty is now finished but somehow its being unofficially used. Thats the reason Plus another is the Border Fence that I described above and now the Border issue and TipaiMukh Dam is another to squeeze the Country Bangladesh– therefore the Citizens are disturbed on Indian Administration and these things need to be exposed as Indian Public doesnt know.
    Looking 4 Barka because she being most popular in NDTV shows can perhphs be useful in making a awareness that it is Time to renew all Treaties with bangldesh before all try to solve problems.
    If you r interested in establishing a good working system and peace then you will first think impartially and then make the efforts to get to Barkha Dutt –INFACT you may first discuss this her and let me have her or anyb other you see fit for expanding this cause. But has to be persons with intelligence and ready to do the researches on strong footings as like the Tehelka .com did to expose the Indian Corruption some years back– here I want that to show how treaties Corrupt relations.
    Would appreciate if you do stay in touch.

  • Arnab Bhar

    People start getting jealous of there neighbours when they find themselves in pain and the former country prospering.Whatever problems India has ,it is still the worlds largest democracy with so many cultures tied in one knot ready to fight any damn country which comes in its way of progress.And it was not the Britishers who saw a united India it was Samrat Ashok and later Rani Jhansi and Tipu Sultan who brought all the princely states in India together at the first place.To the surprise India’s neighbours seem to be more concerned about India rather than minding there own development as if they are the top developed nations of the the world.At least first try to eradicate extreme poverty from Bangladesh and Pakistan first and impart sensible education to the poor rather than wasting time devising futile means and methods against India. I think that is the lesson you should be learning.India will always stay united and will demolish and country which keeps bad eye on it.Pakistan has tried so many times and was almost in the verge of devastation when Indian army was only 3 miles from lahore city and Indian submarine destroyed Karachi Port and took 93000 Pakistani POWS largest after world war 2 .And now with the Induction of INS Arihant India is capable of launching nuclear weapons from sea as well as from Land and air also ,which only 5 countries in the world are capable off.So my sincere suggestion would be to mind your own bussiness and not waste time devising futile plans against India

    • Saptarshi

      It was not Emperor Ashok who tied India together for the first time. This was done by Emperor Bharat (of the Bharatvarshi clan of which Bhishma, Kauravas and Pandavas belonged to) after which Bharat (or Bharatvarsha) is named.

  • Arnab,
    This post of yrs is now different from what good ideas you were sharing before.. this post of yrs is really open to criticism because India is one country but very undisciplined in political arena and ZTV n NDTV and other news are sufficient for proof of my Satement.
    Caste system, Shikh problem now no demand for Khalistan but there is uneasy feelings within the group plus the great Hindivta party– and this Hindutava like our JMB is a reason for undemocratic system hindering progress.
    Bangladesh is way ahead of India in many fields education and pharmecuiticals RMG etc and is tired of being pressed to follow the 25yrs treaty unofficially– and string to sabotage out industries too-
    After WAR of Liberation and this is in records even in Indian writers articles etc-check through google–that Indian soldiers asked why did you fight pakistan because the buildings here in Dhaka City specially are far better and modern than in many Indian states—-
    Food in many places are cheaper than in bangladesh but still poiverty in India is greater and worse that many go without even one day meal whereas in Bangladesh they have less food but never go without food– so Less is better than Nothing
    Therefore Arnab you would be doing your Country a favopur if what you advised here would be programmed by you to fight your own Country Government as to not disturb bangladesh and even stop the bilateral trade with India for India tries to sell at higher price here.
    Indian nworkers at RMG working without Permit and now Government trying to check them so a team comes from Delhi to say Please dont do that and in return we will allow Bangladesh parliament team to visit TipaiMukh Dam and then when they did they flew them on the air and never went nto the spot.
    Bangladesh Citizens would be very glad if India did MIND their own Business and develop their Cities– India also is receipient of Aid from Donor Countries in amounts no less than bangladesh.
    So please Practise what you advise and try to ensure first that your Government follows your advise.–try talking to Varun Gandhi and other BJP leaders and Congress where all the brains lie.
    Cheers and wishing you success,
    Barkha Dutt is a better analayst of Indian system and bold and has all datas–try discuss with her. As she is more practical is the reason why I thought of having a joint programme to have our Leaders revise all treaties etc.

    • Saptarshi Roy.

      To all my colleagues in this forum who feel that West Bengal should re-unite with Bangladesh, let me start with a few startling facts. First of all, a country like Pakistan or Bangladesh which was formed on communal lines can never expect to achieve harmony within itself or it’s neighbours. Facts for the past 65 years say so. These countries have experiences bloodied coups for the past several decades and also have been a hot breeding ground of Islamic terrorists. India is a secular democratic country where the head of the state is chosen by the masses. India is politically steady. India is home to people from all religious communities and together we have been living with communal harmony since independence. Of course, there have been some instances of communal disorder in the country, but every country faces something like that starting from the Ameican Civil War on racial lines in the 19th century to Norway’s Anders Behring Breivik case on multi-culturalism at present. To reiterate, India has stood the test of time in displaying the fact that people from all walks of life can live in harmony and the moral fabric of the country exhibits this.

      However, India is challenged with the pseudo-secular attitude of the Congress party which forms the government in the centre along with a few regional parties which too also share that image. It is due to this that illegal immigration takes place everyday where scores of Muslims from both Pakistan and Bangladesh cross over illegally to India in hope of a better life. These illegal immigrants then vanish amongst the vast multitude of people and then proceed to get their ration card and voters ID card illegally from corrupt and scrupulous individuals thereby securing their position as a citizen of India. Once measures are taken to oust these pseudo-secular political parties and these corrupt individuals are brought to book, illegal immigration would stop. India needs a strong stance to curb these menaces. Of course, India provides more benefits to the minorities so much so that the general class, to which I belong, has to bear the brunt and it may surprise people outside India but the Hindus in India live like second class citizen while the Islamic and Christian minorities occupy the first class. No wonder illegal immigration takes place. For example, Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) birthday is a central holiday in this secular nation while no country in the world or even the middle-east grants so. However, Lord Krishna’s birthday is not granted a public holiday in India. India provides Hajj subsidy to people but no such subsidy is provided to the Hindu pilgrims going to Kailash or Ganga Sagar. Several Christian Missionaries operating in India perform illegal activities like forced and induced conversions which are conveniently overlooked by the authorities in India while they are provided grants to open and operate institutions to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ (PBUH) while no Hindu institutions are given this privilege. Yes, the majority of Indians who are from the general strata of the society are forced to live like second class citizens while the first class is occupied by the so-called minorities. No wonder people from Pakistan or Bangladesh cross the border illegally to come and live in India like the first class. India provides millions of rupees to Bangladesh to foster economic improvement and uplift it’s society while choosing to ignore to put it’s house in order first. The US of A also provides millions of dollars in aid to Pakistan and keeps Pakistan in pressure to eliminate terrorism and uplift it’s people. India should do the same thing with Bangladesh. It is also a fact that since 1947 the Hindu population of Pakistan and Bangladesh are decreasing to the point that now you can actually count the number of Hindu’s in these countries whereas in India the population and percentage of Muslims are gradually increasing at an alarming rate. Factors responsible are illegal immigration and lack of family planning. The Muslims can conveniently point out to the Sharia and say that family planning is not mentioned in it but when it comes to punishments for rape and robbery, they chose to ignore the Sharia in order to ensure that their hands are not chopped off or their lives are not lost due to pelting of stones.

      A recent research and study undertaken by a renowned western university points to the fact that Indian’s share the same DNA and so the Aryan-Dravidian story propagated by the British to foster their infamous divide and rule policy stands nullified. Hence all Muslims and Christians in the Indian sub-continent are a part and parcel of India. They do not share their DNA with the Arabs or the people from Western Europe and so it can be scientifically concluded that their forefathers were once Hindus and that they converted to Islam or Christianity or to some other religion for their own reasons. Most of these conversions were forcible in nature while some others were to lure them in return for something.

      I was associated with a renowned luxury hotel in Kolkata a few years back and I used to see that when Bangladeshi’s came to India for stays, some of them behaved narcissistically to the point that they behave as if they formed a superior race and even refused to converse to some of the Bengali speaking people working in the hotel in Bangla which incidentally is their official language. Wouldn’t you call that hypocrisy? They used to plunder the amenities of the hotel and used to keep their toilet’s dirty and used to dig their nose in public. It is also a fact that when some of my acquaintances went to Bangladesh, they were discriminated against and were misbehaved with for being Indian. A few days ago, I read that a 5 year old boy finally returned to his home in Murshidabad in West Bengal after being in prison for about a year. His fault was illegal immigration. Can a 5 year old boy do so and was the magistrate drunk before passing the sentence of confinement for a kid? Such are the laws of the land called Bangladesh (and Pakistan). I am not being racist or caste driven but a pragmatist. I am a Hindu and have several Christian and Muslim friends and relatives and I discuss these issues with them and even they find it amusing and agree with me on almost all counts. I even maintain relationship with a distant relative of ours in Bangladesh. They are Hindus and they have a lot of sorry tale to tell about the hardships that they face in an Islamic country. However, they were born there and hence wish to die there.

      Any part of India wouldn’t agree to secede and form an independent state or accede with either Pakistan or Bangladesh. India, however, needs to do a lot of homework in order to be true to it’s reputation of being a secular country and not pseudo-secular.

      Therefore, Bangladesh in it’s own interest may want to integrate with India and work together towards a greater goal provided they claim that their ancestors were Hindus and that they will respect the Uniform Civil Code and would respect the laws of the land. Indians will then embrace them with open arms.

  • Arnab Bhar

    Ruma, Statements like “Break up “india”!” from the verse from ‘Another Tiger’ will certainly provoke sentiments like this.Comments from audience like this only point to elements to disrupt peace talks and to destabilize,as a responsible audience you should also have denounced any such acts also .You have to understand all the 3 countries have there own problems,but we were all one once and fought back the Britishers.I have voiced again and again,there are political elements in all the 3 countries who don’t want the people of the 3 countries to come closer for there own good.As well the western countries want us to be destabilized so that they can show they are more powerful and sell there scrap weapons.India had some cultural problems in the past when Pakistan was provoking the sikhs against India ,caste system is diminishing exponentially.Talking of Indo-Russian alliance,after independence India required high tech military hardware,cryogenic engines for its nuclear missiles assistance till it could develop its own indigenous Military Hardware which it is doing now,to counter China and Pakistan who were constantly aided by USA and China.Talking of education,Indian IITs and IIMs are considered the worlds 10th in rank and Asias 3rd topmost educational institutions.Reliance industries owner the Ambanis,Archelor miital,Tatas- Land Rover,Birla’s,Jaguar rank in the top 10 billionaires in the World.So we should stop fighting and discuss each others weakness and strengths rather than playing the blame game which we have been doing for the past 25 days

  • Arnab,
    Slow down because in yr eagerness you remain blind and dont see differnnce between Y and A- my name ends with Y- See bind habiyual range.
    I never said about Break up India and it must have come from another source- India wont be divided as wont be Bangladesh but problems through present style of operations by the Politicans wont help/improve and so Your Statement may be absolutely correct that outsiders dont allow and they do to sell old junki weapons and continue giving both aid and Aids too. I am not Politician as I said so I dont dream stupidly–I think practically.
    Industry is rich and so Industrialists in India– Bangladesh has industry but not the likes of tata and as our people are not too enterprising and patient they never will be-
    But gone are the days that Bangladeshis r poor– there is poverty like India n paki –
    What I am trying to say that Let India be as they are and not try to impose on Bangladesh because the purpose of friendship is defeated –you dont help a friend and then ask him for favours specially illegally ones and keep insisting that we HELPED so do buy our RICE even its 5 times more than abroad as happened when Prnab Mukherjee sold Rice during Sidr in Bangladesh–Check all Indian Newspapers and archives–thewy have the storey.
    During Paki time even at height of insecurity no FENCE was built– now friends of Bangladesh –India thinks to make FENCE someone in Indian Admin is making lots of Money and yes shooting at Bangladeshis too…
    Let me ask if your friend enters yr house do you shoot or act physically??– even if late hours You dont do either –but try to see what is the problem for a late visit.
    Like I said first Sonia Gandhi ManMohan singh and Hasina Plus Khaleda should exclusiovely sit to disacuss whats friendship what they want of friendship- treaties old and new the whole Gamut then once agreed the Ministries can do the paper works– this renewed sitting to sort by Leaders Must be done for stability and PEACE- and here Indian Media and personalities (Barkha Dutt in MInd) or anyother should hold talk show to create public opinion to get facts and methods to improve relations– Right now daily new things are cropping up like Tipai Mukh- Transit- Trade but all is being forced instead of being discussed.
    Lets not argue like the Politicians– hopefully you r also not a politician– if somethign good you want to do–it will like I think that we must make efforts for our Leaders to sit- Top 5 Leaders from India with Top 5 Leaders from Bangladesh.–Only then we hope to end all fights,suspicion etc

  • Arnab Bhar

    Rumy can I have your email ,I am trying to setup a meeting with Barkha,if you may please.

  • Arnab,
    was out of Country so couldnt respond. If you do get Barkha first discuss to confirm; you can join too and we can get the moderator Rezwan involved too. When things shape up positively and with intention to do something practically good (not mudslinging like politicians)- there are defects both Countries which need to be sorted- then we can set our golas and necessary mail address etc through the Moderator first.
    Are you in to try make a good effort? Waiting your response.

  • Arnab Bhar

    Hi Ruma,Indeed you are right ,More people we can get to involve in this noble cause it will be better.I can probably post a comment when I can get some details from Brakha Dutt,and you can involve others as well.

  • Arnab,
    0ne and half month passed there ios now news from you;neither there are other debaters on this issue.This goes to prove that shyness could be proof of guilt of the unfriendly neighbour.
    The Citizens however of both Country are happy and not too comfortabl;e at the handling of affairs of friendship by the State Politicians of both countryies having qualities of corrupt practices and destructive designs.
    We hope this stalemate can be broken but efforts from public from both Countries are needed and these Politicians must be admonished.
    They dont tell the Public the Truth and use sentiments that we helped so they must listen– listen to what? If they impose the result will be worrisome.
    Internet is a great weapon for public to expose their corruption. That the reason why we wanted these debate with Barkha Dutt and other jouirnalists of India for them to know and I feel they are already aware so some of the illegal activities.
    Lets hope we can be successful in opening this debate or can you provide me the email address of Rahul Gandhi?

  • Vande Mataram

    YES we bengalis of west bengal are ready to fight. We are ready to fight for coming 1000yrs….. but with BANGLADESH. We will reunite. but before that these pakistanis should be thrown away from bangladesh. Bangladesh was always land for hindus not for converted muslims. All converted muslims of bangladesh come back to your forefather’s religion hinduism. Then we will fight together & throw these pakistanis to bay of bengal. And we will reunite with INDIA.

    —JAI HIND–

    • tankibaz

      Apnar kothai, 150 million people religion change korbe. eta apni kemne asha koren. Sooner or later India will be country of converted muslims.

      • Kallol Dasgupta

        Oi khwaab i dekhen chacha

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