Influenza A(H1N1) cases in Southeast Asia

Several Southeast Asian countries have confirmed that some of their citizens have tested positive for Influenza A(H1N1) infection. The region is no longer swine flu-free.

Reacting to news reports about the discovery of a swine flu case in Malaysia, Nuraina A Samad fears the worst:

we know that there are those other passengers on the two flights who have not reported to the health officers. And multiply that by the number of people they have come into contact with….and so on and so forth. Scary, isn't it?

But…aaah, to think that just two weeks ago, the Swine Flu, — whoops, Influenza A or the H1N1 virus — was way yonder in far far Mexico.

Before you could say la Cucaracha, it flu to the US, Canada……and now it's here.

Othman bin Hj. Ahmad thinks it is already too late for Malaysia to contain the virus:

With the limited success in quarantining all passengers or people in contact with swine flu confirmed cases, coupled with the delay in testing and confirming these swine flu cases, it is too late to contain this swine flu.

Please note that many swine flu cannot be detected with these tests and many now appear like normal flu except that they are not resistant to Tamilflu unlike the normal flu in US. Malaysian normal flu may vary.

aeqmal onetale
thinks Singapore should be doubly alert now that Malaysia already has a swine flu case:

Singapore has lowered its flu alert level from ‘Orange’ to ‘Yellow’; but Malaysia has just announced it’s first swine flu case yesterday afternoon. It’s not time yet to party and do keep your personal hygiene in check.

has confirmed that swine flu has entered the country as well. More than 20 people with flu symptoms are under surveillance. Not the Nation features a satirical article about the presence of “swird flu” in Thailand

The precautionary measure was based on speculation that a pig with swine flu spending time with a chicken with bird flu could lead to the outbreak of a new flu virus he called “swird flu”.

Cambodia is on alert after Thailand confirmed its 1st swine flu case. Recently, Cambodia is monitoring the health of three Cambodian-Americans who tested positive for swine flu. Meanwhile, a Vietnamese air passenger was quarantined in South Korea after exhibiting symptoms of being positive with the dreaded virus.

For want of a better title reminds us that there are deadlier diseases than swine flu:

If youre worried about H1N1, Don’t. There are 5 more deadlier diseases that are more virulent and have a better chance of killing you. Think Dengue, Ebola, AIDS, Cholera and Spinal Meningitis. I mean cholera has been around forever, and dengue is among us. I think I would worry about those a lot more.

See leong Kit warns against communal eating in Singapore. To prevent the spread of A(H1N1), he proposes the following:

-Health Promotion Board should mount an effective campaign to educate Singaporeans on “Eat The Hygienic Way” (using serving spoons) to complement its on-going efforts on ”Eat The Healthy Way” (more fruits and vegetables).

-National Environment Agency, using its licensing clout, to issue a compulsory directive for hawkers and restaurants to provide serving spoons automatically.

The Philippines has two swine flu cases already. The dominant Catholic Church is thinking of banning the holding of hands during mass as a measure against the spread of swine flu.

As the swine flu scare continues to grow, more and more people are getting paranoid about eating pork. This may explain why Cambodia’s rat meat exports to Vietnam are increasing in record numbers.

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  • Kuan

    Flu viruses are airborne. So, instead of killing it in our bodies with vaccine with questionable effect and side effect, why not we kill them before it enter our bodies?

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