9 January 2009

Stories from 9 January 2009

Sri Lanka: Suppression of Dissent

  9 January 2009

Lanka Dissent, a Sri Lankan Internet news site in Sinhala , Tamil and English languages has decided to close down. An excerpt from its farewell message: “In this compassionate, democratic Buddhist land enfolded with love, in wisdom and fullest freedom, media is forbidden to raise a dissenting voice. Media is...

Israel: Israeli and Palestinian Doctors Fix Baby's Heart

Israeli and Palestinian doctors collaborated last week to save the life of a newborn. The Palestinian child and his grandmother were transported to Tel Aviv for emergency heart surgery. Funded by Save a Child's Heart, an Israeli nonprofit dedicated to procuring urgent medical care for Palestinian children, the organization has...

China: Bu Zheteng

  9 January 2009

ESWN discusses various possible translation of “bu zheteng” in President Hu Jintao's speech last week.

Azerbaijan: Ashura in Baku

  9 January 2009

Joe's Trippin’ posts an extended entry complete with photographs and video of this week's Day of Ashura [See here for earlier coverage] in Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Although the blog says that the Koran and most Moslem governments ban self-mutilation, a few dozen faithful flagellated or...

China and Hong Kong: Views on Gaza Conflicts

  9 January 2009

After the first intense air strikes in the Gaza Strip at the end of 2008, Israel continues the attacks on the densely populated Gaza in 2009 and it is expected to cost more Palestinian lives. While there are mass demonstrations against Israel’s military actions in London, Paris, Berlin, Athens and...

Anguilla: Destroying Heritage

  9 January 2009

“So what if the Cotton Gin was one of the last pieces of Anguilla’s built heritage that was in relatively good working condition…after all, it was done so that the otherwise wasted space could be used as a Chinese Restaurant”: Corruption-free Anguilla presents the island's first nominee for “the gold...

Jordan: Respect for Chavez

  9 January 2009

Jordanian blog 7iber reports: “After Hugo Chavez expelled Israel’s Ambassador to Venezuela earlier this week, Jordanians left flowers by the Venezuelan embassy in Amman on Thursday, January 8th, as a show of respect.” Click on the link for photographs.

Palestine: “Israel targeting Medics in Gaza”

“A Palestinian medic, traveling with two international Human Rights Activists, was shot by Israeli forces in Jabaliya, northern Gaza. He is one of over a 9 medics killed by Israel during this attack, and 11 ambulances destroyed,” reports Palestinian Laila El-Haddad, who posts Al Jazeera footage to back her claim.

Turkey: Gaza War?

Turkish Aylin Ece Cicek, writing at The Eastern Middle, discusses the “war” between Israel and Gaza, saying: “Let me elaborate because I am not comfortable with using the word war; but cannot find a more suitable phrase for the situation. The words “issue,” “problem,” or “struggle” just don't fit. It...

Jordan: “Barbaric Crimes of Israel in Gaza”

“It does not depend on a certain political perspective, nationality, religion or race to feel so outraged by the barbaric crimes of Israel in Gaza, you need only to be a human being with a functioning heart,” writes Jordanian blogger Batir Wardam on the latest flashpoint in the Middle East.

Cuba: Dissidents Arrested

  9 January 2009

Diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense reports on the arrest of dissidents who were allegedly marching “towards the cemetery in the town of Placetas to commemorate the victims of the Castro dictatorship.”

Bahamas, Cuba: The Revolution

  9 January 2009

“Let me say right now that I am sceptical, and deeply so, of those who denigrate Castro’s Cuba, especially those of us in The Bahamas who do so”: Nicolette Bethel says that “in most cases the arguments offered to display the inferiority of the Cuban revolution are not arguments at...

Trinidad & Tobago: The Face of Crime

  9 January 2009

“Now that Christmas is over and Carnival is coming up, every crook will do whatever it takes to get their fete money, money for their costume and money necessary to keep up with the Joneses”: Trin recounts an unsettling incident in a Trinidad neighbourhood.

Trinidad & Tobago: Boxer Laid to Rest

  9 January 2009

Izatrini and Trinidad and Tobago News Blog report on the funeral of the late boxing champion Jizelle Saandy, while Media Watch critiques the mainstream media coverage of the event.

Bermuda: Rallying for Palestine

  9 January 2009

“I think most people share a sense of human solidarity against injustice, and I cannot think of any other way to describe the tragedy unfolding in Gaza”: Catch a fire reports on an upcoming Bermudian rally in support of Palestine.