Pakistan: Blogosphere Stands United With India Against Terrorism

Pakistani bloggers have reacted and strongly condemned the terrorist attacks carried out in Mumbai, India at 11 PM local time yesterday (November 26, 2008). It was expected that these attacks would be blamed on Pakistan's intelligence (ISI) as before, but so far this is not the case. Although the Indian Prime Minister has mentioned that a foreign hand is responsible, a Hyderabad based little known terrorists group claimed responsibility for these attacks. This mindless act of terrorism has claimed the lives of more then 100 innocents and injured more than 300 people terrorizing the whole city.

Deadpan Thoughts condemns the attack with these words:

I would like to condemn what has occurred in Mumbai in the strongest possible terms and urge everyone to put aside their differences and stand together in the face of this atrocity. We really cannot let these terrorists play havoc with our lives any longer and separate us on the basis of religion caste or creed. This is a global problem and will only be solved if we come together and stand tall against these animals.

Pro-Pakistan shows his sympathy and urges Indian government to carry out proper investigations:

The recent conditions in Mumbai can be pretty well understood by the normal people in Pakistan. Its almost obvious how we can relate to the Indians at the moment. Although this might later transform into a blame game between the two nations but at the end of the day its the people who continue to be victimized. It is extremely tragic for the people of India and as a neighboring country we not only sympathize with the people but also support those putting a brave front in the current circumstances. It is really important that during this time we continue to hope for peace and strive against those who continue to spread havoc on both sides of the border.

At my blog, I also condemned the attacks and concluded:

These attacks have proved one thing, that terrorism is not a monopoly of Pakistan. There are terrorists in other countries also, so the scenario is getting like an international war against terrorism.

But, whatever were the causes, we condemn this type of attacks. There is no room for such attacks in any religion. And just like other Pakistani bloggers, I too stand united with Indians against terrorists. We demand that Indian government should arrange proper inquiries and investigations.

This post is part of the Global Voices coverage on the terror attacks in Mumbai, India on November 26, 2008.


  • NRI

    it is heartening to see the educated people of pakistan in unity with us.

    we are all sons and daughters of the same soil and have to unite in this war. however more active responsibility should be taken by moderate, and tolerant muslims to root out and isolate these criminal organisations,

    only 3people have added this conversation, it would have been great to see hundreds!

    lets see everyone stand together..

  • John

    When people of the world stand against terrorism the problem can be solve.

    Islamic fundamentalism as preached by mullahs throughout the muslim world is not revolutionary or particularly religious.

    It is an archaic cultural dogma in the trappings of a religon that is used as an excuse for violence.

    Hopefully the freedom of speech enjoyed by millions on the internet will extend to freesom of religion as well,

    When Muslims arond the world unite against the violence done in the name of Allah -the end will be in sight.

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  • Axe

    Hopefully all the world now realizes that these terrorists (as in previous cases) are singularly, Muslim.

    Yeah, islam is a peaceful religion, etx, but where is the evidence for this peace that they talk about ? How many temples do they have in Saudia, Pakistan, or even Dubai ? India has 150 million plus Muslims, how many Hindus live over there in Pakistan and in peace ? Anyone ? Is there a Hindu leader in Pakistan or a team captain ? We had 2 Muslim Presidents for God’s sake. Wake up, folks, it is religious zealotry, is what it is. From the Mughals to the current day Kashmir situation, it is an unrelenting march against Hinduism. From Aurangazeb to whoever it is now, it is mayhem, razing of temples, and killing of kafirs. And we choose to look the other way ?

    ‘The axe’

  • Unreligious

    Everything begins with the mind. False ideas of religion and nationalism have created boundaries where none exist. Man lives on ideas and dies with ideas. How tragic.

  • @ axe

    I am sorry but you are misinformed. There are many Hindu Temples, Sikh Gurduwaras, Christian Churches in Pakistan where they are free to practice their religion. Also there are lots of HIndus, Christians in UAE, Kuwait and others

  • mrna

    i don’t understand one thing. all these muslim extremists plan their operations against common people and many muslims r also gets killed. but i don’t remember any hindu fundamentalist attack n a public place.they target only muslims. so they go for mosques or question s why r they doing like this? what benefit they get by killing their own men? my dear muslim brothers,be bit more tolerant. religion s not the only issue n this world.and islam s not the only religion n this live and let others also live n peace.

  • San Shetty

    What is with the people in this region of the world? Excessively obedient and proper on the outside, with a titanic battle raging from within between insanity and controlled chaos. The entire world, especially America, would breathe a sigh of relief if you people would leave their country with your extreme separatist behavior, go back to the Middle East and India and confine your bickering to your own region. The world no longer needs to be exposed to this very disturbed region of the world full or proper-speaking, bickering, and chaotic maniacs.

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  • keerthika

    I am glad to see that the citizens of Pakistan condemn these attacks. However the Indian forces though have been able to trace the terrorists back to Pakistan and that they have been trained by ISI.

    The urge the people of Pakistan to talk to their political leaders and ban such terrorist organisations. We need the people of Pakistan to show their clear evidence of solidarity.

    Let it not be all talk and no action. That is our Politicians job.

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