Pakistan: Blogosphere Stands United With India Against Terrorism

Pakistani bloggers have reacted and strongly condemned the terrorist attacks carried out in Mumbai, India at 11 PM local time yesterday (November 26, 2008). It was expected that these attacks would be blamed on Pakistan's intelligence (ISI) as before, but so far this is not the case. Although the Indian Prime Minister has mentioned that a foreign hand is responsible, a Hyderabad based little known terrorists group claimed responsibility for these attacks. This mindless act of terrorism has claimed the lives of more then 100 innocents and injured more than 300 people terrorizing the whole city.

Deadpan Thoughts condemns the attack with these words:

I would like to condemn what has occurred in Mumbai in the strongest possible terms and urge everyone to put aside their differences and stand together in the face of this atrocity. We really cannot let these terrorists play havoc with our lives any longer and separate us on the basis of religion caste or creed. This is a global problem and will only be solved if we come together and stand tall against these animals.

Pro-Pakistan shows his sympathy and urges Indian government to carry out proper investigations:

The recent conditions in Mumbai can be pretty well understood by the normal people in Pakistan. Its almost obvious how we can relate to the Indians at the moment. Although this might later transform into a blame game between the two nations but at the end of the day its the people who continue to be victimized. It is extremely tragic for the people of India and as a neighboring country we not only sympathize with the people but also support those putting a brave front in the current circumstances. It is really important that during this time we continue to hope for peace and strive against those who continue to spread havoc on both sides of the border.

At my blog, I also condemned the attacks and concluded:

These attacks have proved one thing, that terrorism is not a monopoly of Pakistan. There are terrorists in other countries also, so the scenario is getting like an international war against terrorism.

But, whatever were the causes, we condemn this type of attacks. There is no room for such attacks in any religion. And just like other Pakistani bloggers, I too stand united with Indians against terrorists. We demand that Indian government should arrange proper inquiries and investigations.

This post is part of the Global Voices coverage on the terror attacks in Mumbai, India on November 26, 2008.


  • lal

    farhan ,how do u think it will really end finally….the india pak story dat s….frankly as far as i kno,at least in south india,before this terror attack pak was not considered as a friend or enemy….it was a sort of we have our own busines,pak is in a soup of there own making mentality…the idea that everything is becos of U had really gone out……..any way in the long term assuming the concept of nation states holds own on,with absolutely no chance of india seeding its part of kashmir(and i dont c u people leaving as well) how will this play out

  • nomi

    i am quite amazed that indian government is again blaming pakistan without any solid evidence(which is expected),because they just cant expose their weaknesses.just blame your neighbour and satisfy indian public by saying that the attack was planned outside how can we prevent these kinds of attacks.its Shameful!
    lets hope for peace of the whole world.

  • mrna

    my dear pak brothers,
    don’t beleive n what u see n media,like d scenes of people n india shouting against pakistan. mumbai people r very angry & they want to vent their anger against sum1. i personally think that pakistan has nothing 2 do with d present attack. terrorrists’ve no religion or s so tragic that the terrorrism’ll only end with huamanity n dis world.

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  • thanks ofcourse for the support but is it good enough?! what else can be done to make sure such an act is not repeated again.!? suggestion?

  • v

    @Farhan Janjua:
    the hindu population at the time fo partition and now tells a tale how tolerant the muslims in pak are. Check the figures in India for muslim numbers. They have only risen, not shrunk. Check how many kashmiri pundits were driven from their homes in Kashmir (superb ethnic cleansing by muslims). I reiterate the same what mrna said. Please understand that islam is not the only religion in this world. There are other religions too, be tolerant. You are not the only person living in this world. There are people just like you and me (but they are some other religion). By carrying out such acts, you are only making the lives of your fellow innnocent muslims in India, who will have to face suspicion everywhere they work.


  • @ v

    Now again a piece of shit who is trying to raise hatred between Muslims and Non-Muslims.

    Remember one thing! Terrorists has NO RELIGION! Do you think Islam says people to attack in their own Muslim Mosques? No ofcourse! Only Islam is the religion that says without discrimination, that killing any human being is same as if the killing of humanity.

    And did I say that Islam is the only religion? or everyone should be a Muslim? here is what God says in Qur’an in Last verse of Chapter “Teeen”:

    “Follow your religion and let others follow theirs”

    And we know your secularism also; remember? Shabana Azmi ? A famous bollywood actress who said she couldn’t even get a flat in Mumbai just because she was a Muslim?

    And what happening in Assam, Gujrat, world has witnessed it :)

    So we should stop blaming each other and should try to play our roles in order to make this world peaceful enough to live.


    Farhan, Everytime a terror attack strikes India , U come up with the same phrases ”Pakistan condemns these attacks ” ,” Our heart is bleeding” , and the likes.
    But apart from a sole blogger on the electronic media like you, and I doubt there is any other condemning these attacks, why did the so-called ”peace-loving , innocent , and India loving” civilians stand up in condemnation of these attacks? Why did not a single hardcore Islamist outfit in your dear country speak out against them ?
    So, is it not rather insidious on your part to try to convince Indians of the false solidarity of Pakistanis?

  • ProudIndian

    Here i have to say just one thing, “Every Muslim Might Not Be a Terrorist But Why Is It That Every Terrorist Is a Muslim?”… Guys, trust me, i stay very close to a muslim colony in India and everytime i visit the area, i always hv this flng that the person walking next to me might be a terrorist or cud be supplying arms or sheltering a terrorist or must be related to/supporting terrorists in some or the other way…i always walk with scrutinizing eyes…i always suspect them for what they r and how they look…although i completely agree that my suspicion is baseless most of the time but what hs bn hppng out here forces us to create such a mind set… Thr r muslims in India who wud celebrate Pakistan victory in a cricket match although they hv bn provided shelter by India, they earn thr living here, but why is that they still stand upright to protect Pakistan and not the country they live in??? and most importantly…wht do these militants want to prove by attacking the innocents and spreading terror globally?? What gud are they doing to anyone?? **** the so clld Jehaad that they boast of…this is no spiritual battle, rather (what i understand of) is a holy activity. Do they call it holy…How cud thy i mean?

  • Pakistan is 5000 years old and there was a Harappan civilisation here. How would you like to read that in history books? Well if you look at it from one point of view the political entity that is India was a creation of the British in 1947 and so was Pakistan so why be shocked over such a statement? Simply because we think that the Pakistani is an alien who has grabbed some land from us and colonised it. Nothing could be further from the truth. We all of us are Pakistanis and all Pakistanis are Hindustanis whether they like it our not. I can understand a war between different races and different ethnic groups but when people who speak the same language, have the same customs and traditions and features and like the same food squabble it makes no sense at all. The only explanation for it could be sibling rivalry which has been the basic premise for all historical and political changes in India.

    Today the only thing, mind you the only thing that can save Pakistan is for it to come out of its Brezhnev era mindset and outgrow the Cold War as a bad dream and move on. Only reunification with India can save Pakistan.

    The idea of a Paksitan was first dreamt about by a poet Sir Mohd Iqbal the man who also wrote Sare jahan sey accha Hindustan Hamara. The British for political reasons and to divide the Indian Army that had won tow world wars for them decided to partition the country. Here Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru (KCSI) who was offered to the Chair of the President of India later had suggested that Congress give up the demand for Purna Swaraj and go in for Dominion Status like Austaralia. It would put an end to the British excuse that the country had to be partitioned for Independence. However this would mean that the British sovereign would be the head of state in India instead of an Indian President. But apart from Gandhiji no one had the same idea. Everyone wanted complete Independence. Gandhi even offered that Jinnah be made Premier of United India.

    No one then knew the Jinnah would die soon, had they known so maybe things would have gone differently. Jinnah was the best possible example of a leader who was modern and farsighted but he did not offer the Namaz, he did not forsake pork and he did not refuse wine. Jinnah was a non-practising Muslim and the person least likely to be a Pakistani premier. However fate decided that he should lead Pakistan. While the Maulvis and Maulanas and Imams cried themselves hoarse in Delhi begging people not to leave for Pakistan saying that there would be no one left behind to offer Fatiha on the graves of their dear departed, the British will prevailed and a poets dream took form.

    Today Iqbal’s dream has become a nightmare in which every child carries a grenade and a gun.
    Its leading lady Benazir was killed by the militants in Pakistan and this will embolden them to take action against other political leaders with impunity. this operation came about in LTTE fashion like the Sri Lankan Tamil extremists and reminiscent of the manner in which Rajiv Gandhi was killed in India. Emboldened by this act the militants may carry out similar raids against political leaders in poorly policed states of India like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar too. The extremists want control of Pakistan but they will not get it so easily, there will be riots and vendetta and arson and killings in such a heavily armed civilian population. The only solution to terrorism lies in a confederacy between India and Pakistan or the reunification of India the way the two Germanys united. It is time we break the Berlin wall of caste and communal politics that has separated the two countries. Only then will there be an end to the killing.

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