Korea: Geographic history documented

Gerry Brevers at Korean Language Notes does his own ongoing research into the history of Ulleungdo island, located in the disputed border region between South Korea and Japan.


  • FRankie

    Gerry Bevers is a bitter expat who hates Korea and has spent a greater portion of his time posting anything to bash his host country from Dokdo to US Forces-Korea relations.

    In the past he has called Korean professors “goofballs” and Koreans various derogatory names.

    Do not take his “study” at face value. You can read some of his comments at the Marmots Hole blog.

  • I do not hate Koreans, and I am not bitter about anything. In fact, I like Koreans and the Korean culture. However, I do hate the lies in the Korean media and in Korean history books. I also hate the lies that are being spread about Japan and the US by many of Korea’s so-called NGOs.

    I called a poster at The Marmot’s Hole a goofball for the ridiculous comments he was making. Was he a Korean professor? And, Frankie, please show me where I call “Koreans various derogatory names”?

    I do not want people to take my study of the Dokdo/Takeshima issue at face value. That is why I plan to post all of the evidence and let people judge for themselves, something that Korean Websites claiming “Dokdo is Korean territory” do not do. Korea’s historical claim on Dokdo/Takeshima is a big lie that needs to be exposed.

    I also ask that people do not take Frankie’s comments about me at face value. If there is anyone who is really interested in what kind of person I am, then I wish you would take Frankie’s advice and go to the Marmot’s Hole and read my comments. I do not sugarcoat my opinions, but, at the same time, I try my best to be respectful.

  • FRankie

    Here is the anti-korea website Gerry Bevers frequents.

    It is a pro-right wing Japanese website. You can also see Gerry provides links to Japan’s Shimane Prefecture website through his “search for the truth”.

    Here is a quote by your respected “historian” Gerry Bevers.

    “Also, anyone who says on this blog or any other blog that Korea’s claim on Dokdo/Takeshima is stronger than Japan’s is either a dumbshit goofball, a Korean ass-kissing goofball, or a dumbshit, Korean-ass-kissing goofball. And anyone who knows the truth, but fails to expose the ridiculous lies of Korea’s goofball historians is chicken-shit goofball…….”

    This is shameful.

    You can read Gerry’s quote here. It is post number 90.
    Or you can check the arhives at the Marmot’s hole website for the date April 15th 2006 under “Tora, Tora Tora”

    Don’t trust Gerry Bevers’ information.

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