10 May 2006

Stories from 10 May 2006

Cuba: The Tropicana

  10 May 2006

Qué Bola posts an atmospheric black-and-white photo taken at The Tropicana, the legendary night spot in Havana, noting that “The Tropicana is probably the one single constant that has existed in Havana from back in the 1940s until the present.”

Bermuda: Public access to information

  10 May 2006

The Limey‘s appeal to the Bermuda government to reveal the cost of the Tourism Minister's stay at a seven-star hotel in Dubai continues to be ignored. “It was an interesting exercise, not for what it revealed about the Minister’s expenses, but for what it revealed about the Government’s attitude to...

Senegal: Festival of Negro Arts

  10 May 2006

Semett posts an article announcing (Fr) that the Senegalese government plans to hold the next Festival des Arts Negres [Festival of Negro Arts] in June 2008 instead of June 2007. The Festival was created by then President Leopold Sedar Senghor in 1966.

Barbados: Will Cuban film be banned?

  10 May 2006

Barbados Free Press wonders whether Barbados will ban The Lost City, Andy Garcia's film about “Che, Castro and the Cuban Revolution”, which “is effectively being banned in many Central, South American and Caribbean venues.” Says BFP: “Apparently, there are many on the left who would prefer to remember Che and...

Bahamas: Rum Cay Development

  10 May 2006

With one major luxury development project about to break ground and two others in the works, the island of Rum Cay is about to change forever. Larry Smith traces the chequered history of the Bahamian outpost.

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

  10 May 2006

Recent news of the nationalization of the hydrocarbons in Bolivia has pushed an ongoing crisis off of the front page. No satisfactory solution has been reached in the financial troubles for the airline Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano (LAB), as there are some who are pushing the government to nationalize the former...

DRC Diaspora: Questions for UDPS

  10 May 2006

According to UDPS Liege, during a May 1 forum organized by UDPS in Belgium, several questions (Fr) sprang from the audience: “What political mistakes has UDPS made that might explain its inability to take power in the Congo in 26 years? Why does Etienne Tshisekedi lead UDPS in a dictatorial...

Armenia: Human Rights

Notes from Hareinik notes that Armenia has been named a major human rights violator and says Armenian diasporan organizations should pressure the Armenian government on human rights issues.

DRC: Questions about Western Press

  10 May 2006

Over at Le Blog du Congolais and in light of what he considers the Western press’ derogatory coverage of opposition party UDPS, Tony Katombe asks (Fr): “Now that the high command of the Catholic Church, the country's most influential social force […] is siding with UDPS, is the western press...

DRC: Alleged Belgian Citizens Running for Office

  10 May 2006

Two Belgian citizens are running for deputy positions in the Congo, in violation of Articles 10 and 102 of the Constitution and Article 120 of the Electoral Law, says (Fr) Prince du Fleuve du Congo. Their names are Mboyo Ilombe and Richard Ilunga. According to the blogger, this is evidence...

Slovakia: Campaign Promises

Lemuel of Deleted by Tomorrow reports on one local candidate's promise “to do more for the seniors and establish a cemetery.” The candidate happens to run in the blogger's voting district.

Poland: Preparations For the Pope's Visit

p3 writes that some of Poland's preparations for the Pope's visit don't make sense: “This is typical Poland for me. Someone important is coming so let's slap up a coat of paint (apply it thin because it's expensive) and as soon as our guest of honor is gone everything starts...