· March, 2006

Stories about Mali from March, 2006

African Music Roundup #5

  28 March 2006

yay! summer is upon us over here in the UK and that only means one thing. concerts, festivals, showcases. An abundance of music, sunshine and outdoor runnings. Smiles on peoples faces, the pace less hurried. In rotation as I type? Bongo Flava : Swahili rap from Tanzania, a dope compilation...

Africa: We Can't Blame Everything on the West

  26 March 2006

Le Pangolin writes (FR): “So long as we fail to entertain critiques of our destructive ways, we will always be dominated by the West. Imagine for a moment all Africans living in Europe creating investment funds; they could then purchase on [various] stock markets the very companies that determine the...

Mali: Ali Farka Toure

  8 March 2006

A number of African bloggers remember Malian musican, Ali Farka Toure who passed away this week from cancer. Black Star Journal writes “One of the reasons I loved his sound was that while the music of many other African artists popular in the west is overproduced, Ali Farka Touré's music...