· May, 2007

Stories about Mali from May, 2007

Mali: revisiting traditional medicine

  21 May 2007

Timbuktu Chronicles: Revisiting traditional medicine; “In the capital Bamako there is a laboratory where researchers spend their working days studying the medicinal effects of plants brought in from around the country – selected on the advice of traditional healers. The laboratory has been established by the Malian government which is...

Mali: Presidential Election

  8 May 2007

Mali-based French expat Mali Café deplores [Fr] that the French election eclipsed the Malian one: ” Malians went to the polls a week day for day after the first round of the French presidential election … Amadou Toumani Touré, the incumbent was elected since the first round with more than...

Mali: Mali opposition challenges election results

  2 May 2007

Election update from Sociolingo's Mali:”This morning the news is that a march is taking place in Bamako by the FDR and their supporters, and that the FDR intend to file a complaint with the consitutional court tomorrow.”

Mali: the incumbent leads the poll in Mali, opposition grumbles

  1 May 2007

Sociolingo's Mali blogs about the presidential elections in Mali: “OK, tis official, ATT [Amadou T. Toure] is leading the poll. There was a press conference last night and here are the early results courtesy of www.maliweb.net. I note that the participation rate of 37.9 is quite respectable and higher than...