· September, 2012

Stories about Mali from September, 2012

Why Mali's Army is Hesitant about Foreign Intervention in the North

  25 September 2012

Tiékorobani goes to great length explaining why Captain Sanogo and the Malian Army are hesitant about foreign intervention [fr] in Northern Mali. He argues that Sanogo fears that he will lose control the global military operations and that in turn, his officers might rebel against him because of his loss of...

Mali: Mauritanian Preachers Killed by the Army

  12 September 2012

Mauritanians woke up on September 10, 2012, to the news of the killing of 16 members of Jamaat al Daawa wal Tabligh (Society for spreading faith), a movement active in spreading Islamic faith by the Malian army. Twelve of those killed are Mauritanian citizens. Ahmed Jedou compiled netizen reactions to the incident

Mali: Civil Society Rises to Solve the Ongoing Conflict

  10 September 2012

Malians are still watching, incredulous, as the partition of their country continues. Adding to this disarray is the frantic rhythm of the new nominations for government. Nevertheless, Malian civil society is trying to regroup and launch an appeal for national unity.

Mauritania: A Diplomat's Take on the Azawad

  5 September 2012

Mauritanian writer and diplomat Mohamed Mahmoud Weddady writes a series of posts in his blog entitled: “Papers about Azawad” [ar], about history and people of Azawad region. This post, for instance, focuses on the relationship between the Azawad and Libya.