· September, 2009

Stories about Environment from September, 2009

Trinidad & Tobago: Budget Comments

  8 September 2009

“It really didn't say much and didn't seem attached to a reality where citizens of the country exist”: KnowProSE.com posts some general impressions of Trinidad and Tobago's 2009-2010 Budget, while kid5rivers says of the TT$7.7 billion shortfall: “Such shortfalls…are really debts to be repaid by future generations…”

Nepal: The not so pristine Himalayas

  7 September 2009

On travel blog Worldhum, Joanna Kakissis reports that climate-change watchdog group Eco Everest has created a successful new “cash for trash” program that rewards climbers for the waste they bring down from Mount Everest.

Guadeloupe: Erika Delays School

  7 September 2009

The first day of school was seriously challenged by Tropical Storm Erika: les Cantin en Guadeloupe [FR] expresses fear as the alert levels are raised, Critiqart Guadeloupe [FR] can't see the need for delaying the first day of school because of some rain and wind, and Shakazulu [FR CR] thinks...

Russia: Blogger vs Journalist

  5 September 2009

Foreign Policy's Net.Effect writes about the coverage of the accident at Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric dam in the Russian mainstream and new media, and the use of blogging by the “authoritarian regimes.”

Bangladesh: Ditch Suits To Save Power

  3 September 2009

Supriyo Chaudhuri at Sunday Posts comments on the recent directive of Bangladesh government to the officials to ditch suits and wear half-sleeve dresses to save power: “I think many of them will freeze to death if they are using A/Cs the way they do and not wearing suits. So, I...

Cuba: Filtering Connections

  3 September 2009

Yoani Sanchez ruminates on the many changes September brings, including this surprise: “Since last Friday it is impossible to [connect] to Voces Cubanas from the Island. They have applied to it the same slow filter they use to block the connection to desdecuba.com for users in Cuba with very slow...

East Timor: The land was freed, but who owns it?

  2 September 2009

A decade since Indonesia left East Timor with one of the most devastating scorched earth campaigns of modern times, there is strong debate about the draft Land Law, and among other things, its implications for community lands.

Puerto Rico: Saving the Parrots

  2 September 2009

Repeating Islands blogs about the Puerto Rican Parrot Recovery Program, which is “an effort to conserve, protect, and manage the wild and captive populations of this endemic parrot in order to downlist the species from endangered to threatened.”

Peru: Taking Care of the Amazon River

  1 September 2009

The ongoing problem of the trash contamination of the Amazon River is a concern to De la Selva Su Web On [es], who writes that the river should be taken care of, especially as it is being promoted as a Wonder of the World.