· August, 2006

Stories about Environment from August, 2006

Bermuda: Education & sustainable development

  30 August 2006

Christian S. Dunleavy congratulates an old schoolfriend on his decision to repay the scholarship funds granted him a decade ago; and questions the Bermuda government's decision to pave over a piece of parkland to create a location for a hospital.

Barbados: Development double standards

  28 August 2006

The Mulllins Bay Blog slams the double standard that allows wealthy developers to construct destructive barriers of dubious utility on the seashore, while “the few small home owners remaining in the area have to jump through hoops to get permission from “Coastal” to place a few rocks on the beach...

Chad: Oil companies kicked out

  28 August 2006

“It's not often that one gets to hear a government telling an oil multinational to get out” wrote Chippla's Weblog – Thoughts on Issues after Chad took the unprecedented decision to eject ChevronTexaco (of the US) and Petronas (of Malaysia) for alledgedly failing to pay tax.

Trinidad & Tobago: Port of Stain

  28 August 2006

Walking through Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago's capital city, The Manicou expresses despair at the amount of litter in the streets, but has little hope that this will ever change.

Aruba: Waiting for Ernesto

  28 August 2006

“It's hot. It's humid. There is no blessed, cooling wind,” writes Arubagirl as the tropical disturbance known as Ernesto passes through the area, creating some dramatic wave activity that she photographs.

Global Food Blog Report #29

  28 August 2006

#1: Maika's Blog on Haitian Food: "Griot" (pronounced: greee-yo ) a popular Haitian original.  Which is fried pork shoulder accompanied with a spicy hot as habanero cole slaw like condiment called “Picklese” (s pronounced like a z).  And served with a side of fried flatten green plaintain "bunan passe" (...

Japan: kids park in Osaka

  28 August 2006

An englishman in Osaka shows a few pictures of kids park there. It seems there is no way that kids can find any fun there.

Nigeria: Solar-powered fish project

  26 August 2006

A fishing village in Nigeria uses solar powered driers to dry their fish, reports Black Looks: “Bishop Kodji, a small fishing and canoe carving island in the Atlantic Ocean off Nigeria’s sprawling commercial hub of Lagos, has become the first village to be electrified under the Lagos State government’s pilot...

Iran: Electricity Shortage

In Afkar Mastoor we read that Iran faces electricity shortage this year [Fa]. The blogger reminds us that Iranian government refused to advance the clocks by one hour during the summer time to save energy.

Lebanon: One Week after the Cease Fire

Most Lebanese Blogs still reflect on the war and its aftermath. Some post photos of Lebanese trying to regain their lives and their efforts to fix that which was damaged. Others write political and social analysis of what happened and what should be done in addition to some personal accounts. Here is a sample. Happy reading.

This Week In Palestine: Black & Blue

One week after the Israeli army brutally attacked a weekly non-violent legal demonstration against the wall in the village of Bil’in, August 18th saw yet another black and blue protest. ISM reports that this time the army showed a greater sense of preparation as they added water cannons to their...

Russia: Real Estate and Oil

  18 August 2006

Yuri Mamchur of Russia Blog examines whether there is a connection between real estate prices in Russia and the oil prices; his conclusion: “Even if the oil prices miraculously collapsed to $15 a barrel tomorrow, real estate prices in Russia will only continue to go up.”