· January, 2007

Stories about Environment from January, 2007

India: Wild Owls in Kashmir

  29 January 2007

Wild Kashmir on wild owls. “Trust us Kashmiri's to put our own spin on things and end up on a ‘Wild Owl Chase’. If recent news reports are to be believed, an unknown person is offering a Rs. 30 lakh [approx 70,000 USD] reward for the capture of a 3-kilogram...

The Iranian Nuclear Crisis

  25 January 2007

The United Nations Security Council unanimously voted to impose sanctions against Iran over its failure to halt its uranium enrichment programme on December 23, 2006. Despite the gravity of the situation, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described the UN’s decision as unimportant and vowed to continue uranium enrichment. As a result,...

Latvia: Border Dispute

  25 January 2007

Marginalia writes about Latvia's border dispute with Russia and about “putting things in order”: “When a state “puts things in order,” it has a sad tendency to forget real people and real places, methinks.”

Kazakhstan: Foreigners & Oil

  23 January 2007

The Roberts Report explains why Kazakhstan's government is taking steps to decrease the number of foreign workers in the oil sector and stop the resale of licenses to develop oil deposits.

Kenya: another torch is possible

  21 January 2007

Kikuyumoja's Realm writes about an environmental-friendly torch in Kenya, “Instead of informing the public about a proper waste management, I can only repeat my usual prayers: what we need are eco-effective products. But until then, let’s start using more environment-friendly products such as this dynamo torch that just eliminates the...

Madagascar: Forest = Pharmacy

  19 January 2007

Says Harinjaka (Fr): “Malagasy forests are like medicine cabinets. You can find 75% of medicinal plants used in Madagascar. A vital ressource for those who, by and large, live tens of kilometers from the closest clinic.”

Brazilian Blogs on Chávez, Lula and the Mercosur Summit

  19 January 2007

Presidents from most South American countries are gathered in Rio de Janeiro for a meeting of the Mercosur trading group, and Hugo Chavez is again the attention drawer. Local bloggers have been substantially posting about the Venezuelan president since he announced the move to cancel the broadcasting license to (TV...

Chile: A Ride for the Climate

  19 January 2007

Eco-trans-hemispheric cyclist Dave of A Ride for the Climate has arrived to Santiago, Chile where he was featured in the English daily The Santiago Times as well as La Nacion.

Russia: No Snow in Moscow

  18 January 2007

Digenis.org writes about this winter's weather in Moscow: “The warm weather has been throwing Muscovites for a loop. Many are having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings with the constant grey weather.”

Lebanon: A Bouquet of Topics

  18 January 2007

A variety of subjects were brought up in the Lebanese blogosphere this week. Following are some of the topics with links to selected posts about each. Hope you enjoy reading them. On the Environment: The oil spill that covered the Mediterranean coast last July as a result of Israeli bombardment...

China: is Chinese peasant stupid

  18 January 2007

Zeng jingyan wrote an article in response to a famous rural reformist Wen Tiejun's comment that once land is privatized, peasants in China are going to sell their land and results in social instability and urban slum. She asks is Chinese peasant stupid? (zh)

Ukraine: Hunters Discuss Yevhen Kushnaryov's Death

  17 January 2007

Evhen Kushnaryov, 55, former governor of Kharkiv region and the deputy faction leader of prime minister Victor Yanukovych‘s Party of Regions, died today from gunshot wounds suffered in a hunting incident Tuesday. According to media reports, Kushnaryov and approximately ten other men were on their way home after a day...