· September, 2009

Stories about Environment from September, 2009

Bhutan: Climate Change And Religion

  22 September 2009

“For Bhutanese, there is an even stronger reason to believe in climate change. Our own religion, Buddhism prophecies climate change,” comments YesheyP at Kuzu Bhutan Weblog.

Can social media help make microfinance sustainable?

  21 September 2009

Microfinance agencies provide loans to small businesspeople who often can’t meet the strict credit terms of large banks. Either these entrepreneurs don’t have the capital or the cash to back the loan. Or as the large banks argue, their credit needs are too small.

Sri Lanka: Endangered Amphibians

  21 September 2009

“Did you know that Sri Lanka holds the world record for the highest number of global amphibian extinctions?” informs Sri Lankan animal watcher blog Gallicissa.

Barbados: Clean-Up Day

  21 September 2009

Living in Barbados reports on Barbados Clean-Up Day, when volunteers collected garbage from the island's beaches. “How many meals on plastic plates? How many cups of soda in plastic cups? … I have no idea what figures to put to these questions but they still went through my head as...

Morocco: Don't Blame the Rain

  19 September 2009

Recent flooding in Morocco has prompted bloggers to air their discontent with their country's lack of sanitation infrastructure. They went around taking pictures and shooting videos, sharing scenes seldom broadcast by the mainstream media. This is their citizen reporting.

Russia: Victor Pylyavsky's Paraglider Photos

  17 September 2009

Samara photographer Victor Pylyavsky flies a paraglider over the city and the region, taking pictures; his beautiful photos are currently part of an open air exhibit at one of the city's central squares. LJ user drugoi has photographed some of these photos and posted them on his blog (RUS).

Kenya: CEO of Wildlife Blogging Site Named Pop!Tech 2009 Fellow

  17 September 2009

Pop!Tech is coming again this October and on 9 September they issued a release announcing the 2009 Social Innovation Fellows which was also blogged about by Pop!Tech's Kristen Taylor. Pop!Tech is a conference set in Camden Maine, where every year scientist, artists and innovators meet to discuss ideas and world...

Guyana: “many waters”?

  16 September 2009

What happens when drought hits the “land of many waters”? Guyana-Gyal wonders. “A rice-farmer living in my mother childhood village say that the water in the artesian well is running rusty. Rust. The colour of blood drying.”

Jamaica: development or destruction?

  15 September 2009

Snailwriter reports on the illegal bulldozing of an area of forest near Jamaica's sensitive Martha Brae River. “The situation … well illustrates why the destruction of Jamaica's natural resources continues unabated.”

Bangladesh: Interview With Professor Anu Muhammad

  15 September 2009

Bangladesh Watchdog publishes an interview with Professor Anu Muhammad, member secretary of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports on their recent protests against the lease of three offshore gas fields of Bangladesh to foreign companies.

USA: Latinos on the passing of Ted Kennedy

  13 September 2009

Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy’s passing on August 25, 2009 has stirred a flurry of blog posts among the Latino community in the United States, since the late Kennedy was a vocal ally on immigrant rights.

India: 99999 Lights Out Campaign

  10 September 2009

Kenney Jacob informs about the “99999 lights out” campaign launched by a Chennai-based voluntary environmental service organization to create awareness on global warming: “The campaign carries the message – switch off lights for 9 minutes at 9 p.m. on the 9th day of the 9th month on the 9th year...