4 May 2014

Stories from 4 May 2014

Crowdsourcing Ukraine’s Rebellion

Bloggers in Ukraine are turning to the Internet to publish the locations of troops in the country’s southeast, where the army is in the midst of a massive “counter-terrorist” operation against militants who have seized control of parts of major cities. A group called “Military Maps” on the Russian social...

Philippine Police Adopts e-Subpoena System

  4 May 2014

To prevent delay in the resolution of court cases caused by non-attendance of police witnesses, the Philippine government has launched an online-based subpoena system. The process will involve the court and the Philippine National Police (PNP): The Courts, through its court administrator, will send the various subpoenas to particular PNP...

Japan's Citizen Media Meet at Mikawa Medifes 2014

  4 May 2014

Citizen media makers in Japan are gathering in the Mikawa region of Japan's Aichi prefecture this weekend for the 12th annual citizen media conference Mikawa Medifes 2014 [ja]. Dozens of sessions about civic media will be held at the Kariya City Cultural Center from May 3 to 5, 2014. Themed in...