Libya: Celebrations as Gaddafi Confirmed Dead

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.

Libyan strongman Muammar Al Gaddafi is finally dead. After hundreds of thousands of tweets and guess work between news of him being captured, wounded, killed, or all three together, we finally have a confirmation from the Libyan ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) that he really is dead.

Both Sultan Al Qassemi, from the UAE, and NPR's Andy Carvin joke:

@acarvin: And re-animate it. RT @SultanAlQassemi: especially with the NTC's poor track record, they may need to bring his corpse on stage

Wall painting showing Muammar al Gaddafi, France. Image by Flickr user Abode of Chaos (CC BY 2.0).

Wall painting showing Muammar al Gaddafi, France. Image by Flickr user Abode of Chaos (CC BY 2.0).

With news of Gaddafi's death, the NTC decided to be cautious with an announcement until it made sure he really was dead. It had previously announced the capture of other members of Gaddafi's family, for them to appear on news channels to dispute NTC's claims.

Over all, the year 2011 seems to be a bad year for Arab dictators and a good one for their people. Palestinian Ahmed Shihab-Eldin remarks:

@ASE: #Gaddafi was killed. So that means, 1 dead, 1 fleed, 1 hospitalized, 1 burned and 1 batshit crazy…among others.

And Al Qassemi warns:

@SultanAlQassemi: Are you watching Bashar? Are you watching Saleh? #Gaddafi

The reference is to the Syrian and Yemeni dictators Bashar Al Assad and Ali Abdullah Saleh who have been killing their own people for months.

Meanwhile, celebrations continue across Libya. Moez from Tripoli reports:

@libyanrevolt: razy scenes of jubilation on every road in #Tripoli right now – unbelieveable! #libya #feb17

And Ali Tweel confirms:

@AliTweel: no I'm in Tripoli. it's like a war here because of the celebratory firing. I can't explain.

And the jokes continue.

The different spellings of Gaddafi's name continue to spin jokes. DJ Xpect quips:

@djxpect: So apparently Gaddafi is still alive…captured. It's Qaddafi who has been killed. Khaddafi is still releasing audio broadcasts from Sirte

Naser Weddady jokes:

@weddady: Botox spilled? RT @SultanAlQassemi: BREAKING photo of Gaddafi killed via @Suanzes

And Tom Gara concludes:

@tomgara: Gaddafi being hunted down like an animal after promising to hunt his opposition like animals is one of 2011's finest developments.

Gaddafi called his people animals and rodents in long rambling speeches.

The fall of Sirte, Gaddafi's last stronghold, was reported a few hours ago. Tripoli, the Libyan capital, fell in the revolutionary hands two months ago, and the Libyan revolution started on February 16, one day ahead of its scheduled start date February 17.

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.


  • mary Gaddafi

    You should all be ashamed of your selfs Gaddiafi has done a lot for his country and
    keep every one in order now you have aload of uncontrolled people on the streets
    things will never get better have a bit of repect for his family

    • Will

      Go onto google, type Gaddafi in the search bar, and see how many good things show up. In other words, Gaddafi was not a good man, he was not a good leader, and he certainly should not be praised. Yes there is chaos in the streets right now, but that is because of the life of Gaddafi, not his death. Things now have a chance to get better for everyone.

      • azhar (usa)

        I would simply say what Ron Poll of Texas said.
        Libya was not a “dictatorship” in the traditional sense, and Momar Gaddafi was not the evil rogue portrayed by Western propaganda.

        If fact, he was a hero. Gaddafi’s Gold Dinar Plan and Libya’s Public Central Bank would have changed the monetary system and freed all of Africa from the Private Central Bank System. Ultimately, it might possibly have freed the NATO host nations from their own parasites – Vampire Private Central Banks.

        Gaddafi’s courage and pioneering efforts in trying to restore national sovereignty and making the government responsible to the people instead of to the Global Banking Elites is the reason why he was targeted and killed.

        NATO terrorist attacks will not get the Western nations out of debt – only an honest Public Central Bank – like the attempted Bank of Libya – would.

        But guess what? With Gaddafi now out-of-the-way, the IMF and The World Bank have moved in to Libya, and have reestablished their control and dominance there. And (black man) Obama was the ringleader in the effort to reassert the impoverishment of Africa.

        There will be no independence, and there will be no freedom.

        The only way for a Country to be Sovereign is to have sovereign control of its money.

        The Bankers (and their corruption) won again!

      • Mary Gaddafi

        Gaddafi called his people animals and rodents
        look how they are acting judge for yourselfs again no morals placing his corpse
        in a container you are 200 years behind normal civilised countries you need to be controlled by a dictator
        love Mary x

  • mary Gaddafi

    Gaddafi called his people animals and rodents in long rambling speeches
    look how they are acting judge for yourselfs

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  • nizeyimana saad sulaiman

    really its so sadness,how can you kill innoncent people,and then after say that u want to bring the peace in the word,bt i hope only God will judge and every one will get the award of what he did,gaddhaffi will always syill on our heart

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  • mpairwe humphrey

    i miss uGhaddafi may his soul rest in peace

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