14 July 2011

Stories from 14 July 2011

Philippine Digital Strategy 2011-2016

  14 July 2011

Tonyo Cruz uploads the five-year Philippine Digital Strategy plan of the government's Commission on Information and Communications Technology. The aim is to make the Philippines a digitally-empowered nation in 2016.

Brunei: E-government portal launched

  14 July 2011

The e-Darussalam website was launched by the Brunei government. It's a single web portal where Internet users will have access to all of the government's online services.

Peru: Congressmen Remove Signatures from Moratorium for GM Seeds

  14 July 2011

Global Voices Translation Manager and author Juan Arellano reports [es] that 9 congressmen from the APRA political party have removed their signatures from a 10 year moratorium for genetically modified seeds. The issue will have to be debated again by the incoming congress. Juan shares reactions to the news via...

East Timor: Arts and Creative Industries in Focus

  14 July 2011

With the main purpose of launching the future Academy of Arts and Creative Industries of East Timor, a series of cultural events and an international conference are taking place in Dili until the 17th of July. The organization's website Tatoli ba Kultura includes a media map featuring unique works by Timorese...

Russia: Internet Audience Continues to Grow Rapidly

RuMetrika sums up the recent survey of “Public Opinion Foundation” on the Internet audience in Russia. According  to it, the audience grew 7 percent (versus predicted 3.7) in the first three months of 2011. During the last year and a half, the monthly Internet audience increased by 27 percent.

Russia: New Statistics of Social Network Users

Russian collaborative blog Habrahabr.ru publishes statistics on the users of Vkontakte.ru, the most popular social platform in Russia. According to the data, Alexander (for man) and Ekaterina (for women) are the most popular names of users. The most users are from Moscow or Saint Petersburg.

Bolivia: Fighting Cholitas in the Spotlight

  14 July 2011

Female wrestling in El Alto, Bolivia has captured the attention of locals and visitors for more than ten years. These women add a bit of tradition to this popular sport: where else would you see colorful skirts with petticoats, fringed shawls, thick braids and bowler hats battling it out in a ring?

Cuba: Race and Sex

  14 July 2011

“Racism in Cuba has several faces. And variations. But when it comes time to “play the tune”…skin color disappears as if by magic”: Iván García is concerned that “the race issue in Cuba is a real time bomb.”

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Sex Education

  14 July 2011

The public reaction to Abeni‘s T-shirt, emblazoned with the words “Sex nice, but de AIDS ting…”, leads her to conclude “that HIV education has to overcome so many prejudices. The reluctance to talk about sex in a holistic way forces the young and not so young to accept myths as...

Trinidad & Tobago: FIFA Report

  14 July 2011

Globewriter posts what he believes to be FIFA's preliminary report on the Jack Warner and Bin Hamman controversy, which led to Warner's resignation as vice-president.