Serbia: Reactions to the Story of Serbian Mercenaries in Libya

Serbian daily 'Alo' carries an image of Serbian mercenaries in Libya.

Serbian daily 'Alo' carries an image of Serbian mercenaries in Libya.

Update (28 February, 2011):

Two days after Global Voices published this story, the Serbian Ministry of Defence issued a statement on 25 February, 2011, denying Serbian military involvement to the Libyan civil unrest. Quoted in Reuters, the Defence Minister said,

“No active or retired Serbian military personnel were involved in the events in Libya and we deny all such media reports.”

However Libyan anti-government website Libya al Youm reported on 27 February, 2011, that Serbian radio station BIR had reported airplanes from the Serbian Republic carrying mercenaries to suppress demonstrators in Libya.

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According to a Maltese blog Malta CC, Serbian military pilots reportedly took part in the bombing of protesters in the Libyan cities of Tripoli and Benghazi. This claim was made public after two Libyan pilots fled to Malta, refusing to bomb their fellow citizens participating in the Libya uprising.

Serbian daily Alo reminded readers that Muammar al-Gaddafi had hired Serbian pilots before: in the 90s, in combat operations against radical Islamists, but also in actions against civilians, in support of the ground forces.

In the same article, Alo revealed that Serbian mercenaries were allegedly killing protesters in the streets of Tripoli and Benghazi:

Serbian mercenaries earn tens of thousands dollars for this job… They come from Serbia, but Bosnian and Croatian agencies are involved in recruiting for this kind of work…”Serbian legionnaires” are veterans of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. In addition to former members of the military and police units, the bulk of these forces are the former [“Red Berets“]… Gaddafi pays them as much as they demand! A good number of them had great-paying jobs in various African countries, but this was an offer not to be rejected. It can be expected that in the near future a lot of our contractors go with Gaddafi, who has great confidence in Serbian soldiers.

It appears that Serbian netizens are not too surprised by these allegations and revelations. Krstarica forum is one of the venues rich in debate.

Reg writes:

No wonder, people. Professionals are doing everything for money… No emotions, no morals… Kill for the one who offered more. In the wars in the former Yugoslavia they cooperated with the Croats, Muslims, why now would not work for Gaddafi. It doesn't matter to them at all who the boss is.

Sicilian writes:

It is OK! Gaddafi has always been on the Serbian side…

Soko observes:

It seems that he believes the Serbs most… Libya has not recognized Kosovo, yet another reason to support Gaddafi.

Neca 1977 asks:

How do I apply for Gaddafi's mercenaries?

Mika Egzekutor observes:

Bosniaks and Croats are today finding jobs for those who were shooting them yesterday.

Paja 1408, a Serbian military officer, recalls:

Hey, gentlemen, what is strange about it? I know personally, when I was in military schools, there were also Libyans, Iraqis, Zambians, Palestinians… I know that they were in Russian [military] schools also. Gaddafi's military experts appreciated the school in Yugoslavia… He knew to recruit the best ones to join the Libyan army… Many were coming to help Libyans under special contracts… […] Personally, I have had an offer to go there, and I know many colleagues who went…

Visitors on an ultra-right, white power forum “Stormfront” also spoke of the alleged involvement of the Serbian “dogs of war” in Libya.

Iraklija says:

Here are a few things that I've heard from a person who served in the Foreign Legion and later as a solo mercenary. Here is what you get if you're a mercenary in Libya:

1. $10,000-$20,000 monthly in cash
2. Citizenship
3. Wife and prostitutes
4. Gold medals
5. An opportunity to work at Gaddafi's security sector or for security of a Gaddafi family member


  • Helsinki W

    Mr. Oliver Potezica, Miloshevic crony and his top envoy in Baghdad was open admirer of Saddam Hussein decisiveness and his methods of elimination of own political enemies by feeding them into gigantic human ‘meat’ grinders. Current post, head of mission in Tripoli and till some days ago fanatical supporter of his freaky nazzy regime led by mercurial lunatic Gaddafi. He ought to explain not only to the citizens of Serbia (who finance his lavish life and political ‘extravaganza’, but to many in the world diplomacy and security agencies, and especially those who monitor crimes against humanity at least the following:

    Why he instructed embassy personnel to hang up on any calls coming from his compatriots from remote pockets of Libya? They are in the lethal danger and ‘left out on the cold’ by their obscure serb-montenegran secret service ‘employers’. More, in attempt to reach coast and some evacuation gateway, they are left on the mercy to local gangs and to cruelty of mercenaries from Niger, Chad, and their own countrymen (ex-members of Miloshevic’s ‘praetorian guard’ members) who fight for THE KILLER and represent now iron fist of several inner circles of security around COLONEL as well.

    Why he, while still on payroll provided by Serbian tax payers. enjoys his principal sizable income which comes from dubious funds provided by weapon smugglers from Serbia & Montenegro ex-military security – NOW BUSINESS PEOPLE – and by Miloshevich Red Beret’s officers? They pay handsome cuts for good ‘tips, references & connections’ for placing them in proximity and an access to the Leader of Revolution. (Gaddafi’s Norwegian pilot of the luxury Airbus is gone…so the only evacuation is possible by Russian military choppers in hands of such loyalties)

    Why he suddenly turned back on his friends ‘Gaddafi INCORPORATED’ telling western diplomats in last days that sons (especially Mutassie, chief of National Security and Saady “ARE NOT BRIGHT AT ALL”? In addition, he not so discreetly offers that he could supply them with floor plans of Gaddafi secret residences/locations around that vast country including his tribal Sirt…does he expect they would buy this ‘pirouette’ move and IN RETURN suggest to his bosses in Belgrade to place him in D.C. in order to spread intrigues, empty Balantine bottles, and sell his loyalties for BIG green bucks

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  • If this is true it is disgusting, yet not completely impossible. Isn’t every professional soldier a mercenary?
    I am a Serb and I support people in Libya fighting for their freedom.

  • The Libyan guy

    I’m Libyan and I feel so sad not just because the massacre committed by your mercenary citizens in my home land, but also I feel sad for the Serbians who have been hired to kill Libyans.
    Your mercenaries will get killed anyway. They have no hope in any case.
    If we win this battle they will be executed as war criminals. And if Qaddafi wins he will execute them also because they are eyewitnesses and they will testify against him since he is wanted by the court of war criminals.
    This is very basic but it’s always true: who lives by sword dies by sword!
    Bad luck for your mercenaries,

  • And this “Alo” newspaper has really low/no credibility by the way.

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  • […] gegen Demonstranten eingesetzt – Eventuell nicht nur zentralafrikanische, sondern auch serbische Söldner eingesetzt –  Gaddafi: “Wir werden die Waffenkammern öffnen, damit Libyen feuerrot […]

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