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21 January 2011

Stories from 21 January 2011

Video: Shoemakers of the World

Today's videos focus on the artisans around the world still making shoes by hand. From Mexico to Japan: we'll take a look at how different shoes, slippers and sandals are...

Maldives: No Plan To Combat Terrorism

India: A Public Park In Chennai

El Salvador: Court System Employees on Strike Demand Higher Salaries

India: Protecting Apatani Language

Taiwan: Product placement and the petrochemical industry

If a petrochemical company treats bloggers to a cushy on-site tour, do posts that follow count as corporate astroturfing? What, as some have alleged, if the excursion was funded by...

Malawi: Our Malawi News

Haiti: Aid From Slovakia Blocked by Customs for Ten Months

A container with the second shipment of humanitarian aid from Slovakia has been blocked by the customs in Haiti for nearly ten months. Tibor Blazko translates some of the Slovak...

Arab World: Racism and the Slave's Head Candy Controversy

Are we - Arabs - racist? It's really hard to tell. Some might argue that racism is against our religion, and that people are never discriminated against because of their...

Nigeria: Opposition party gets ready for 2011 presidential election

Zambia: Zambia is rich but poor

Uganda: Local web cache lessons

D.R. of Congo: UK listed companies want to drill oil in Virunga!

Jamaica: “Dudus” Enquiry Starts

China: Falun Gong Tiananmen immolation incident ten years on

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: New Art Mag

Barbados: Thompson Wins Late Husband's Seat

DR of Congo : Discreet Commemorations of the 50th Anniversary of Patrice Lumumba's Assassination

January 17, 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the first prime minister of the DR of Congo, formerly known as Zaïre. The Congolese people and...

Algeria: Algerians salute the courage of the Tunisian people

All Algerians saluted the resistance movement of the Tunisian people people who brought down the despot Zine El Abidine Ben Ali [EN] after 23 years of unchallenged rule. In every...

Kenya: Don't ask a prostitute where she sees herself in five years

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