China: Falun Gong Tiananmen immolation incident ten years on

Following up discussions over why China sees so many acts of self-immolation but none of the response seen in Tunisia, Stainless Steel Mouse notes [zh] that ten years have passed since five Falun Gong protesters led a deadly protest in Tiananmen Square: ‘it didn't lead to a Falun Gong uprising, so don't bother asking why China's many self-immolations haven't led to a revolution.’


  • John Zhang

    No! This was a propaganda hoax from the beginning! Falun Gong practitioners did not organize this. Philip Pan of WaPo went to the homes of these people and found they did not practice Falun Gong, and there are numerous fakeries apparent in the official broadcasts. Falun Gong is totally opposed to extreme acts of this sort. It’s an incredible shame and an extraordinary propaganda coup the Party has wrought, that ten years on people would still be somehow wondering whether it was really Falun Gong practitioners or not.

    • fakeasfuck

      It’s staged by falun gong cults fame by fame the liu chungling threw black object and the anti-falun gong news said they might be spy ?
      why ccp spy self-immolated?

  • Ken MacKinnon

    It is just so obvious, with the timing of the alleged Falun Gong immolation incident right before the new year, the preparedness of automated security video cameras to zoom in within seconds, two police cars stocked full of extinguishers being readily present in the middle of Tiananmen Square near where the immolation happened (far from the nearest fire station), a police officer striking one of the immolators with a club to make sure they died, news reporters video footage being seized, and one of the so-called victims being able to speak on the Chinese state-run news only hours after being ‘rescued’, etc, that it was staged by the Chinese government. This is all documented at This incident was HIGHLY effective at turning public opinion against Falun Gong. What you really see in that video is cold-blooded murder.

  • Falun Gong practitioners, now known as Falun dafa, did attempt an self-immolation event in the hopes of instigating in a uprise against the communist ruling party who had ruled them “An Evil Cult” and outlawed the group. The attempt backfired on the Falun Gong group and they quickly distanced themselves from the practitioners who volunteered for the self-immolation. In a lecture prior to the event, Mr. Li himself, the spiritual founder of Falun Gong, praised the monks in Vietnam who committed self-immolation as a means to protest the injustice that occurred in their country. Falun Gong member vehemently deny this recording, even claiming it to be a hoax when actually played for them, but it is real enough.

    The policy in Chine towards Falun Gong and other repressed religious groups is wrong. The unjust treatment and the imprisonments of Falun Gong members and other members of many different faiths is not only wrong, but goes against all notions of human rights and that of a just society. Falun Gong is not a Perfect Angel as they like to present themselves, where as they engaged in many activities in China such as breaking in to TV and Radio station and hijacking the systems to play their messages; blocking the entrances to businesses who have published negative comments towards them; protesting and even going as far as causing workplace disruptions towards individuals who disagree with them; engaged in slander and libel by calling anyone who disagrees with them as Communist spys; creating hoax and fraudulent news about persecutions and organ harvesting where there is no evidence to support their claims; showing photos of cancer and accidents victims and portraying the individuals in the photos as Falun Gong members who have been tortured by the hands of the Chinese Police.

    The mainstream media has looked in to the Falun Gong claims and found them baseless, and that is why you don’t hear about this in main stream news.

    Having followed this group for years, it is my opinion that they engage in fraudulent “news creating” means to draw attention to themselves, to gain the sympathy of the world and its leaders, and to inject their cause and believes in all discussion where China and human rights is discussed.

    As for the beliefs of Falun Gong; it is a mishmash of Chinese Taoism, Buddhism and local Shamanism with the founder Mr. Lee as the center of the belief system as its one and only leader. Many cult researchers and leading psychologist have declared that Falun Gong displays the traits and characteristics of a classical cult, and given its history with the self-immolation and the willingness of the members to commit crimes the group may be a dangerous one.

    Make no mistake, Falun Gong is at war with the communist party in China. They will use any means and ways to hurt the communist party, its leaders, and to sabotage the CCP’s mission and end goals. Falun Gong these days is far more political, perhaps a pollitical party of its own making in exile, that that of a peaceful meditation group as its brochures portrays.

  • John Zhang

    Would you please provide sources for these claims, “researcher”? Many of them are rather new to me, to say the least.

    *What recording? Would you care to point us to its location?
    *When did Falun Gong practitioners block the entrances of businesses? You can read about the satellite hacking here if you have the care:
    *Did Where is the fraudulent news about the persecution? The persecution is real, you know.
    *Where is there evidence that the media has looked at Falun Gong’s claims and called them baseless? Just look at this article, for goodness sake: “After 10 Years and 2000 Deaths, China Still Presses Its Crusade”

    What you’ve said is simply nonsense. I think the NYT story above is proof enough of that.

    I suggest everyone just read the Wikipedia article on the topic or something. It’s amazing how people simply make things up.

    • fakeasfuck

      It’s staged by falun gong cults fame by fame the liu chungling threw black object and the anti-falun gong news said they might be spy ?
      why ccp spy self-immolated?

  • John Zhang

    Ah! Now I notice the link for this “researcher.” It is none other than Rick Ross. For those who don’t know, Rick Ross is an “cult expert” on the PRC payroll. He regularly flies to China to promote the Communist Party’s line against Falun Gong, helping to indoctrinate the public in the set of lies the Party has made up. Who knows how much they pay him. You can see him speaking at the “anti-cult” conferences organized by communist authorities. He won’t furnish sources for his claims, of course; they are a combination of the Bold Faced Lie and many little lies.

    It’s a disgusting thing, really. He spreads hateful propaganda about a peaceful, persecuted group. What a way to live.

  • SGstudent

    Hello, i am a student from Singapore and i am doing a paper with regards to Falun Gong in China. How would this Falun Gong scandal challenge the legitimacy of the CCP? As much as i have known, its not much effect seen, but are there anything that has already post a threat to CCP? What has the Falun Gong done that provoked the eradication from the CCP, why can’t FaLun Gong Be seen as just another religion like Buddhism, but is deem as evil. I would be really glad that if anyone can help me with this questions. Thank you.

  • John Zhang

    Buddy, I suggest just reading the wikipedia articles on the topic. It’s well-trodden ground.

    On the immolation, I suggest this recent article:

  • As others have pointed out, the Tienanman square immolation event was staged to justify crackdown on falun gong. There is an excellent documentary film on the topic called “false fire” that can be found on YouTube –

    Also, I am posting a paper that I wrote on self-isolation at my blog. Part one is here, but more is coming –

    You may find it interesting.

  • SGstudent

    John Zhang, you seems to be quite an expert in this field. Is it possible for you to help me with some related problems in the future?

  • John Zhang

    Sure. You can email me at 12jjyz at

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