18 May 2010

Stories from 18 May 2010

Brazil: Ants Protest Insecticide

  18 May 2010

Ants protest is an artistic video made and posted by attaspp in Vimeo and features a group of ants carrying placards reading “Stop the killing” and crossed out Baygon logos, the brand name for an insecticide. Wish to know how it was done? The Brazilian director has also posted a...

Russia: Berkman Center Experts Visit Moscow

Researchers from the Berkman Center for Internet  and Society at Harvard University visited Moscow and met with local journalist and bloggers at the Moscow State University. Lenta.ru writes about the meeting and the research of Russian blogosphere by Harvard University.

Pakistan: Rising Up

  18 May 2010

Pakistani blogger Azface at Lahore Metblogs wonders what it will take for the common Pakistanis to rise up against the establishment: “It seems the vicious cycle of ignorance, religious dogma and fear of the unknown has dulled our minds and seriously weakened our resolve.”

Egypt: A day in Alexandria

Andrew Heiss, American student doing his Middle East Studies at the American University of Cairo, described his day trip to Alexandria with his family. He also shared pictures of the places they visited.

India: Twitter Fan Frenzy

  18 May 2010

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar recently created a fan frenzy by joining Twitter. “Within the first 24 hours, he got almost 80,000 followers,” reports Gauravonomics. Sachin has more than 300,000 fans now.

Trinidad & Tobago: LGBT Issues

  18 May 2010

gspottt notes that “of the almost 100 candidates [in the upcoming Trinidad and Tobago general election]…the People’s Partnership candidate for St. Ann’s East…is the only one to date to make positive references to sexual orientation on a campaign platform.”

India: Opting Out Of Facebook

  18 May 2010

Indian diaspora blogger Selvakumar Ganesan, who blogs at The Scientific Indian, has completely and permanently deleted his data from Facebook. Learn how and why.

Pakistan: The Draw Mohammed Day Controversy

  18 May 2010

A controversial Facebook campaign called “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day” has irked many Muslims across the world. This has also caused an uproar in the Pakistani blogosphere and many bloggers are questioning the motives, the necessity and the hypocrisy behind this initiative.