India, Pakistan: A Pakistani In Mumbai

Jehan Ara, a Pakistani entrepreneur and blogger who writes at In The Line Of Wire, is visiting Mumbai and shares her reactions.


  • Jamshaid Khan Barki

    Thank you very much for sharing about the dreamland Mumbai.
    Few facts I saw in her essay about Mumbai that people live on pipe lines and sewerage pipe, shows a real picture of Mumbai. Which is the same picture of living I see in Karachi, the only difference is she saw them on the pipeline where as I see them beneath the pipe lines. Karachi where numbers of people are living in ghettos must be brought to media’s eye. Grex, IC, Machar (mosquitoes) colony, Hadery of Korangi, Ajmer Nagrees (mountain side) Shershah, Gulbai, Aagra Taj, Sohrab Goth, Maripur, Mango peer, frontier colony, Pathan colony, Landhi and all those areas where Pathan, Makranis, Afghanis, Bangalis, Baluchis, Sindhis and people from Thar and etc are living is a great example of ghettos living in karachi.
    I would like her to have a round of Karachi and write some thing for her own citizens too.
    Thanks with regards.

    • masihi banda

      Look Barki ghetto is a ghetto no matter where you find it. There is no such thing as: “my ghetto is better than your ghetto” as you are trying to project here. Even in the US the most civilized country in the world has ghettos. The ghettos are examples of how the majority mistreats its minorities in terms of racism and class system. Both in India and Pakistan people live in extreme poverty and filthy conditions because nobody gives a damn about the poor. But there is one thing in favor of democratic India; it has shown quite a bit of progress economically more than Pakistan could ever achieve. However when it comes to human rights abuse both are guilty as sin.

  • Dear Masihi Banda you conceived wrong. Instead the writer of the essay reply me, you engaged with me just for nothing. I request you if you don’t mind please read my above reply again. You will see how I was requesting my fellow who wrote about the Dreamland Mumbai if she writes some thing about the poor of Karachi too. I shared few hurting facts and counted number of places where people live in dirty places and city govt does not concentrate on their problems because of racism. I failed to understand what made you angry to me, my criticism on Karachi district govt or your own nature.

  • Dear masihi banda, I don’t think if you have read my reply in detail. Would you like to read it for one more time. I failed to understand what did you make angry to me, my positive criticism my on city district govt of karachi or your own nature. It did nothing to you if I asked the writer to write for the poor people of Karachi too who are effected by racism.

    • masihi banda


      If I failed to extract your meaning I do apologize. However I made a truthful comment which is the reality of our world. The racism and bigotry prevails everywhere including India and Pakistan. Therefore both of these countries are target of criticism from me or others. You have to agree with me that the bigotry and hypocrisy does exist in our Indian culture where the upper class thinks that it’s their God given right to discriminate against the poor and the destitute. If we are to have a true democracy then we must improve the filthy conditions of the less privileged. Let me make it perfectly clear that I hold no bias against either of these two countries. Never mind your friend’s article I was just commenting on your verbatim. My response was not as a malice or anger towards you personally or anyone else for that matter. My intentions are to speak the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. It is just my opinion Barki if you don’t appreciate it then find a way to get over it. It is not a big deal.

  • Jamshaid Khan Barki

    Dear masihi banda
    Let me smile first then I do come to appreciate you. Ok I’m agree with you. I appreciate you. You are speaking truth thats very good. Every good man like you should speak truth. I wish govts should also speak truth. We all are the children of Hazrat Adam, and Hazrat Adam was made of mud. No one, I repeat no one can be hatred because of one’s race. Poverty, colors, regions and religions, all can not be hatred. We are all humans and we must respect each other.
    Once again I appreciate you with the core of my heart. May God help you. Aameen

  • masihi banda

    Gosh Barki! Your message was so inspiring it almost made this grown man cry. My friend, You spoke the words of wisdom and truth. There couldn’t have been any better sermon preached anywhere in just few sentences. Much of what you said is desperately needed in our decaying world. The world where peace and honor have since long disappeared. The world where people have eyes but they don’t see, they have ears but they don’t hear, they have tongues but their words are mute like the serpents, when they smile their poisnous fangs display their true nature. In the world, where love and compassion is a hard commodity to come by. It’s the world where people mistreat each other worse than animals.
    And then there are some special people who excel beyond race, color, or creed; they are truly the blessed of all human beings. I believe, the people of the Most Merciful God always treat others with mercy and compassion because that’s what is required of them.
    I am not a perfect person but all my life I have been searching for this truth: like a thirsty deer relentlessly searching for cool waters in a desert. I hope one day in my lifetime I too will be blessed and find this water that quenches spiritual thirst. I also believe, once you know the truth; and the truth shall set you free from all evil. Praise God, Ameen!

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