Israel: “Suddenly Concerned About Civilian Casualties? Spare Me!”

“UN Chief Ban calls for ‘immediate end to IDF ground operation!'” posts Treppenwitz's David Bogner. “Seriously, where were these useful idiots for the past few years while Israel was being pounded by rockets and mortars? Suddenly the UN is concerned about civilian casualties? Spare me!”


  • Pounded?! How many civilians have the Israelis killed through their blockade compared to the pathetic rockets that Hamas has been launching for the past eight years?

  • Uzer, using the number of casualties as a metric to judge a war’s efficacy is a terrible idea and, in my opinion, one that we should agree not to use.

    As a resident of a place that is being bombed, where lives, infrasture, and other property is being destroyed, as well as sending the citizenry running for cover, I find fault with calling Hamas’ rockets “pathetic.”

    If their weapons were stronger, vast swaths of the Israeli population would be killed. Is that what you’re saying is the goal? The goal in my mind is to craft from the ruins of war a just and lasting peace.

    ~ Maya

  • Of course it’s wrong. Every life is precious and worth the entirety of humanity. But, unfortunately, part of Israel’s argument downplaying the truly “vast swaths” of the population it is murdering is that these casualties were unavoidable and therefore their death is part of Israel’s appropriate response to their “siege”. The key word is appropriate. Even if we forget the reason why we’re all in this mess, who broke the ceasefire to begin with and why the entirety of Gaza has had to suffer a collective embargo by Israel, it still says a lot for Israel’s concern for the average human by looking at how indiscriminately they are killing civilians. I feel it is ridiculous to lend a degree of credence to Israel’s response by implying that a ground invasion by one of the world’s best equipped militaries against an already devastated civilian population is somehow appropriate and that both parties are equally aggrieved. The unbelievably skewed casualties ratio is merely one barometer for people to examine to situation.

    If Hamas indeed had stronger weapons we more than likely would never have been in this situation. It has been reported that ever since they came to power Hamas has made numerous attempts at negotiating a settlement of some sort including the two-state variety: Israel simply refused to negotiate with “terrorists”. If Hamas had posed more of a threat to Israelis something effectual may have come out a long time ago. Even if that weren’t the case, Israel would certainly not attack Gaza with the impunity it has. Part of the reason it is so gung-ho in its rampant murders is that it knows fully well that Hamas can hardly respond in kind.

    Thanks for replying.


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