5 January 2009

Stories from 5 January 2009

India: Compassion vs. Business

  5 January 2009

I love life… so I explore discusses a shocking story -“a baby was sold by the doctors of a hospital because the parents could not clear their dues” and raises some questions regarding the health system of India.

Facebook War Continues with Group Hacks

Global Voices has discussed the issue of censorship on Facebook and YouTube, particularly as it relates to the current Israeli attacks on Gaza. Today, however, it was discovered by a Global Voices reader that several “pro-Gaza” Facebook groups have been hacked, apparently by the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF), the same group mentioned in our previous article. Jillian York investigates.

Global: Protesters in Full Force Against Gaza War

Millions of people around the world took to the streets in protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza over the previous few days. Here's a selection of videos posted on YouTube featuring demonstrations from Tel Aviv, London, Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul, where citizens from all walks of life raised their voices and chanted for peace in the region.

Morocco: War on Gaza a ‘Crime’

On the war on Gaza, Moroccan Laila Lalami notes: “When I think about all those who have died (like the five daughters of the Balousha family, Tahir Balousha, 17; Ikram Balousha, 14; Samar Balousha, 12; Dina Balousha, 8; and Jawaher Balousha, 4, all of whom were killed by an Israeli...

Kazakhstan: LiveJournal Still Blocked

  5 January 2009

LiveJournal is still blocked in Kazakhstan – the national telecom operator started filtering it on October 7, although it never acknowledged this fact. Skullptor is sarcastic [ru]: I think it’s a step in the right direction. Kazakhs should be barred from Internet on the whole – there are viruses, porn,...

Georgia: IDPs

  5 January 2009

Swapping Purley-on-Thames for Tbilisi, Georgia pays a visit to collective centers for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the August war with Russia. Visiting with an ethnic Armenian Santa Claus and toys for the children, the blog says that conditions have improved in time for Winter, but there is little sign...

Guyana: Litter Everywhere

  5 January 2009

The irony of referring to Georgetown as The Garden City is not lost on Living Guyana, who posts pictures of the littering problems plaguing the capital.

Cuba: Knowledge vs. Doctrine

  5 January 2009

“We keep a wary eye out for anyone who might approach our children lecherously, but few think to maintain the same vigilance in the face of the child abuse that focuses on minds rather than bodies”: Generation Y says that “doctrine is gaining ground to the detriment of knowledge.”