15 August 2008

Stories from 15 August 2008

Iran: “Go Live in your Lovely Israel, Mr. Vice President”

Esfandiar Rahim Mashai, the Iranian vice president for tourism and the director of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, has been under fire after he declared that Iran is “a friend of all people in the world, even Israelis and Americans.” Now 200 legislators in the Iranian parliament have asked President Mahmoud Ahmadinehad to dismiss him.

Peru: Amazonian Indigenous Groups Protest New Governmental Decrees

  15 August 2008

The Aguaruna indigenous group in the Peruvian Amazon is protesting several governmental decrees that some say would make it easier for the government and oil companies to have access to their lands. By occupying a petroleum station, this group has attracted the support of other indigenous groups in the region and they draw attention to the effects caused by the oil companies.

Russia, Georgia: A tale of two wars

  15 August 2008

Vadim Nikitin of the Foreign Policy Association Russia blog, analyzes the parallel coverage of the South Ossetia conflict by US and Russian media, saying “The US media covered the Russian invasion of Georgia and its airstrikes on Gori, while the Russian media covered the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia and...

Paraguay: Last Day in Power for Colorado Party

  15 August 2008

August 14 was the last day that the Colorado Party would be in power, as the new administration of Fernando Lugo is set to begin a new era in Paraguay, and with that a new hope, writes Liam of Políticamente Incorrecto [es].

Ethiopia: First Olympic Gold Medal

  15 August 2008

Mamá Etiopía [Spanish] reports that the Ethiopian Olympic team collected their first gold medal, won by female runner Tirunesh Dibaba in the 10,000 meters category. The blog also comments on other favorite Ethiopian athletes with high chances to win medals.

Morocco: Olympic Hopes

Morocco began competing in the Summer Olympic Games in 1960 and has competed in every Summer Games since (with the exception of the 1980 Games, which they boycotted along with the United States and its allies). Bloggers are, of course, following the 2008 Beijing Summer Games to find out what medals the Moroccan team might take home this year.

Togo wins first Olympic metal

  15 August 2008

Yikpa-Au Village celebrates Togo's first-ever Olympic medal [Fr].  Benjamin Boukpeti won the bronze metal earlier this week in the men's single kayak slalom.  “I never thought I would see this in my lifetime.  This is truly sensational!!!! Congratulations Benjamin.”