4 August 2008

Stories from 4 August 2008

Japan: Blogger takes FCCJ to task over WaiWai editorial

  4 August 2008

Blogger Aki at Fusou Note takes the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan to task over misinformation in an editorial on the recent WaiWai controversy, pointing out misrepresentations and outright mistakes. Aki describes the FCCJ editorial as “a desperate attempt to cover up the harmful nature of the WaiWai column”.

Azerbaijan: Litter

  4 August 2008

Thoughts On The Road reports on what it calls collective action problems where individuals choose to behave in a manner which adversely affects others. The blog says that the tendency for Azerbaijanis to litter is one example of such behavior. However, the blog notes that as education is key to...

Georgia: Gender Participation in Politics

  4 August 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus examines research it conducted for Transparency International on women's participation in politics in Georgia. The blog notes that gender distribution during elections is becoming more uneven, but notes the high level of female involvement in civil society institutions.

Armenia: Reckless Driving

  4 August 2008

My The Caucasian Knot examines the state of democracy and the rule of law and questions whether there can be either when citizens as well as the government respect neither. Referencing entries by other bloggers, such a situation is most evident when it comes to jaywalking and reckless driving.

Angola: Angola towards the elections in DVD

  4 August 2008

The educational DVD “Angola towards the elections“, produced during a training in participatory video, will be distributed free to institutions that work with Angolan electoral education. “The main purpose of the video is to bring about the democratisation process in Angola focusing on the coming legislative elections.” The audio is...

China: Olympic tattoos

  4 August 2008

If you make it to the Olympics, make sure to get your picture taken with this guy who got the Olympic rings and the logo for the Beijing Olympic Games tattooed on his forehead.

Palestine: No Peace for Ahmed Moussa in Life or Death

Mourners waited by the thousands for the funeral of Ahmed Moussa, the young boy killed early this week by Israeli soldiers during a protest in Nilin. A peaceful funeral for the young boy was not to be, however, and before the the day was over, another young man fell. Jillian York reviews the Palestinian blogosphere for reactions.

Cape Verde: To be or not to be African

  4 August 2008

Cape Verdean blogger Cesar Schofield Cardoso [pt] reflects on what to be African means. “In our case, to take the African-ness on is to take on a large, majority inheritance. This is by never forgetting that we have so much of European, American, Asian…”

Israel: Stories and Personal Opinions on Obama's Visit

Obama's recent visit to Israel was certainly a hot topic across Israeli media, which acknowledges the Democratic candidate for taking all necessary steps to mark his stance - clearly showing that he will continue to be a close friend and ally to Israel. Gilad Lotan reports on the latest buzz from the Israeli blogosphere.

Brazil: Blog is censored because of the elections

  4 August 2008

“Since yesterday this blog has been forbidden by a Electoral Justice Court's decision to make “comments about the upcoming elections (local elections 2008) with the aim to promote or denigrate candidates, including images or photographs.” The justice also ruled that we removed “all comments that somehow promote or criticise candidates,...

Bulgaria: Taxi Scams

  4 August 2008

Veni Markovski translated a story from the Bulgarian daily Standard reporting that two Dutch tourists were scammed and threatened by a taxi driver at a Black Sea resort, and commented on the “informal mafia-style” of taxi drivers in Bulgaria.

Czech Republic: Křelov fortress

  4 August 2008

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks describes (including photos) his weekend trip to the old baroque fort at Křelov near Olomouc in the Czech Republic, which this year is open to the public as a museum for the first time.

Jordan: Warning to Travellers to the US

“You don't even need to be a suspect of wrong doing, or an American Citizen. Your laptop, hard-drive, flash drive, cell phone, iPod, memory cards are ALL subject to seizure and examination by Department of homeland security agents. They may also be held indefinitely!” warns Jordanian blogger Qwaider.

Sudan: YouTube Blocked

  4 August 2008

YouTube has been partially blocked for internet users in Sudan for reasons that are still unknown. Some Sudanese in the country report being able to access YouTube without any problems, while others report being sent to a page with the following message: "Sorry, this page has been blocked by National Telecommunication Corporation."

Russia: Faithful Hackers?

  4 August 2008

Russian-Cyberspace.org writes (GER) about a hacker attack on a Russian Orthodox website, where religious content has been replaced by pornography, and interprets it as an attack by religious hackers supporting a competing church communion.