China: A glimpse at Olympic garden sculptures

Global Voices Olympics Safin at FunEnclave posts a series of photos of artistic garden sculptures done in preparation for the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

Writes reader patch01:

Might as well do something nice for the tourists, I'm guessing that the 30,000 displaced families, whose homes were levelled to make way for the games, aren't going to be as impressed……………


  • Ben

    I’m impressed by how much one can see behind some simple photos.

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  • my_mother

    Hey Kennedy,

    Where can I get tickets for this sucker? The sh*t they can do with garden sculptures is incredible. How the heck did they make them dolphins jump out the water like that?


  • my_mother

    My bad, Kennedy.

    In all this excitement, I almost overlooked that jab you put on the bottom about the 30,000 displace families.

    Damn! What a killjoy. Can’t pass up an opportunity to be critic, can you? Chinky bashing is so much in fashion right now, how can you not jump in, right?

    For a second, I thought you posted something positive about China. But still, where can I get them tickets?


    P.S. Fingers still firmly attached. Maybe tomorrow.

  • chan

    Nice photo !!
    This is something more healthy and creative from you, good job !!! keep it up !!!

  • chan

    However, on the Subject of Urban Removal is still a very Old Story. The photo is artistic.
    Urban Removal
    It’s the same old story, critics say: displacing blacks to make way for whites
    By Eric Alan Barton
    Published on March 17, 2005

  • Knights

    The pictures are incredible! I also skipped the hidden message. tsk tsk tsk kennedy kennedy kennedy . . .

    Kain, you are hilarious! “Chinky bashing is so much in fashion right now, how can you not jump in, right?”

  • subjectivelistener


    20 years later, are you still wining and nagging the same thing over and over again?

    Being critical = Being annoying in Chinese language.

    30,000 families relocating their homes are still luckier than those who need to send their kids to the war in thousands miles away.

  • Knights

    yes JK, bring it on. Bring the iraq war and katrina out to the open, why are you afraid?

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