12 June 2008

Stories from 12 June 2008

Georgia: Post-Election Survey

Social Science in the Caucasus comments on a telephone survey of voters following the May parliamentary election in the country. The blog casts doubts on the reliability of the poll and the effectiveness of telephone surveys in general.

Brazil: Judges can't tell YouTube from U2

  12 June 2008

The Brazilian Superior Electoral Court held yesterday a session to conclude the resolution regulating the use of the Internet in the 2008 local elections campaign later this year. According to Judge George Marmelstein, who watched the session in person, "Youtube was turned into U2" by the ill-informed judges in charge.

Iran:Ahmdinejad blogs again

Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrote[fa] in his blog that he is faithful to Ayatollah Khomenie‘s ideology and his government tries to change economic institutions but there are some political obstacles on its way.

Iran: Victory for students

Azarmehr reports that all the demands made by the Teacher Training Students were met by the university administration after the students at this college went on hunger strike for 11 days. 120 students had taken part in the hunger strike.

Japan: Hair Pin Art

  12 June 2008

Ryoko from Pingmag writes an interview feature on the renovation of traditional silk craft into modern hair pin design.

Japan: Work Culture

  12 June 2008

Harvey from Japan newbie discusses about work culture and the phenomena of “death by overwork” in Japan.

China: Best Seller

  12 June 2008

Ruan Yifeng summarizes a local magazine's special feature on the culture of reading in China, with some statistic information on best selling books [zh].

Zimbabwe: MDC General Secretary arrested

  12 June 2008

Crackdown on the opposition in Zimbabwe: “MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti has just been arrested at Harare International Airport upon arrival”: this is a short press release just received via email. We don’t have any more information than this at the moment, but as soon as we do we’ll let...

Costa Rica: Capital City Top 10 Safest

  12 June 2008

The Costa Rican capital San José placed among the top 10 safest cities in Latin America writes La Foto Salió Movida [es] and writes that the challenge is to continue improving safety and remove the stigma that the city is more dangerous that it is.

Bahamas: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  12 June 2008

“The conversation about the rights of gays and lesbians in this country is stuck in a Christian fundamentalist scriptural war that cannot see gays and lesbians, bisexuals or transgender people as integral to the wide spectrum of human existence”: The Gaulin Wife writes a stirring tribute to slain AIDS activist...

Bermuda: Good Governance

  12 June 2008

“It’s shocking to know that, not only are major decisions being made in Cabinet without public consultation or debate, but some Ministers are even defying the agreed decisions of Cabinet!”: Vexed Bermoothes is concerned about proper governance in Bermuda.

Jamaica: Living with HIV

  12 June 2008

Geoffrey Philp highlights the reporting of poet Kwame Dawes, who has been examining the HIV/AIDS crisis in Jamaica, while DigiActive says that “the Jamaican government went as far as preventing its country’s leading gay rights group from even attending the (UN AIDS) New York meeting”.