7 June 2008

Stories from 7 June 2008

Russia: Roman Abramovich Boat

Yuri Mamchur of Russia Blog mentions the 12th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum as he writes about Roman Abramovich’s boat, which has “attracted more tourists than centuries-old cathedrals and museums.”

Hungary: Castle of Szigetvár

Pestiside.hu writes about the plans of the Islamic Cultural Association of Hungary to acquire the rights to operate the Castle of Szigetvár (“occupied by the Turks after a one-month siege in 1566″), renovate it and establish a Turkish cultural and educational center there.

China: Blogger suggests temperance, accused of brown-nosing

  7 June 2008

Cultural commentator Yu Qiuyu has written a post to his blog offering some suggestions to angry parents of children who died in the thousands of school buildings which collapsed in the earthquake, many of whom are now being forcibly prevented from both mourning and denied legal recourse by courts. Roland...

Korea: Internet Game = Gambling?

  7 June 2008

While the Sea Story Scandal, gambling, hit Korea in 2006, the Internet game –Hangame – arises as a problem of virtual gambling at present. The biggest game portal site, Hangame, is regarded as the myth of the Korean Internet due to the rapid growth. After a TV contemporary topic program,...