Iran: Nader Ebrahimi, a famous writer passed away

Several Iranian bloggers talked about Nader Ebrahimi, a famous Iranian poet and writer, who passed away recently. Razeno has also published a photo of him.


  • Max Jameson



    By: Nader Ebrahimi
    Translated from Persian Text by: Max Jameson (Masood Jameossanaie)

    In this long journey of life together,
    That passes by like wind,
    And we are unaware,
    Let our minor differences remain!
    Please don’t want us to become one—absolutely one!
    Don’t want me to like things the same way you do,
    Or you to like what I like!
    Don’t want us to like the same music, the same instrument, the same book, the same taste, the same color, and the same viewpoint.
    Don’t want us to have the same choices, the same taste, and the same dreams!
    Being companions should not mean becoming one by any measure!
    Hybridization is not a sign of evolution, but a sign of stagnancy!
    My darling,
    Two persons in love, who have reached an spiritual unity, do not both have to like the call of partridges, the elm trees, the ice cap of the mountain peaks, the red color, and the clay plates!
    If so, then either the lover or the beloved is excessive—one of the two is adequate!
    Love means giving up our selfishness, but it does not mean to transform into the other.
    And by “love” I mean the earthly love, which is only meaningful by existence and presence of tow partners, not in melting and diffusing of one into the other!
    My darling
    If we don’t see eye-to-eye, let it be!
    Let us be independent while united!
    Wish us to be different while together!
    Wish us to complement, and not to eliminate each other!
    Let us argue patiently and kindly about our differences,
    But let us not reach an absolute single point in our conclusion!
    The argument should take us to a mutual understanding, not a mutual elimination!
    We are not talking about the relationship of a sage and his God,
    We are talking about tangible and visible realities of physical life!
    Let us argue, let us exchange our understandings, and let us challenge each other,
    But at the end of the day, let us not intend to win the conclusion!
    Let us even keep our fundamental differences as long as we feel they result in duality and excitement, and not in depression and death!
    You and I have every right to stand against each other,
    And to disapprove each other’s views and beliefs,
    Without any intention to belittle and disappoint each other!
    Let us be different, my dear!

  • Brian Wittman

    Thank you. I have been looking for English translations of Nader Ibrahimi.

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