3 July 2007

Stories from 3 July 2007

Germany: Stasi Smell Museum

  3 July 2007

Boing Boing writes about the Stasi Smell Museum: “The Stasi — East German secret police — kept an enormous museum of ‘smell samples’ of German citizens, kept in case they ever needed to give hunting dogs the scent of a fugitive criminal.”

Russia: St. Basil's Cathedral

Instead of a post on the battle of Kosovo, De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis writes about St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow – and posts a photo of a graffiti in Samara, which says in Serbian: “Serbs and Russians are brothers forever. Greece, Serbia, Russia.”

Russia: 27 Ways to Tell You Live in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Tim Newman of White Sun of the Desert and BearBait list 27 ways “to tell you live in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.” Here's one: “You think nothing of paying USD3000 for an apartment refurbished with leopard skin touches, a dodgy boiler, pneumatic door bolts and an alcoholic living in the stairwell.”

Estonia: International Relations

“But why waste so much energy on that relationship with diminishing returns?” writes Itching for Eestimaa about Estonia's relations with Russia, and continues with an overview of Estonia's relations with other countries.

Togo: Government funding for political parties

  3 July 2007

Togo-iTunes posts an article about a new law for financing political parties (Fr). Any of Togo's nearly 80 political parties that have received at least five percent of the vote in legislative elections, five seats in the National Assembly, or 10% in local elections will be eligible for government funding.

Pakistan: More on Lal Masjid

  3 July 2007

All Things Pakistan links to various media reports on the shootout at Lal Masjid. There is an interesting discussion on in the comments space.

Pakistan: Lal Masjid

  3 July 2007

Behind the Chairman's Door on a shootout between the students of Lal Masjid and the government, with links to other opinions.