7 April 2007

Stories from 7 April 2007

Cambodia: North Korean Restaurant

  7 April 2007

Cambodia Calling reviews the food and environment offered by a North Korean restaurant in Cambodia. The blogger also ponders over the life of the North Korean women who work at the restaurant and offers a hint on the connection between North Korea and Cambodia

Malaysia: Blogger's United Gathering

  7 April 2007

Mavericksym posts a link to an invitation for all Malaysian bloggers to attend the Bloggers United Malaysia Gathering. The blogger is asking the organizers of the meet to invite several politicians who are critical of bloggers and blogging. “Will the B.U.M. committee invite Shahziman and Pak Zam? Howsy should sent...

“What's Going On in Ukraine?”

LJ user dibrov_s (Sergei Dibrov of Odesa, Ukraine) explains how the current crisis in Ukraine came to be and why he thinks the new election (and then some more) is absolutely necessary. This lengthy post (RUS) has received 366 comments so far and made it into the top 30 at...

Nigeria: where are RSS feeds for Nigerian news media?

  7 April 2007

Nigerian mainstream media has not embraced RSS to deliver content online: It remains a mystery why the majority of the Nigerian mainstream news media with significant real estates on the Internet have not taken steps to overhaul their various domains to reflect one of the most basic Internet trends of...

Iran: Diplomatic Lessons Learned

Hossein Derakhshan gives us a list of 10 things that recent diplomacy in Iran has taught the world about their country: “1 Islamic Republic of Iran, when genuinely engaged, is negotiable, unlike what neo-conservatives try to make us believe. 2 Iran is a whole different country now than it was...

Iran: Report Card on Releasing Hostages

S'can-Iranic gives out a report card to the players in the recent release of 15 British sailors captured by Iran: “I think the overall handling of the issue by the British government gets a C+. They could have approached the whole issue as they did during the past few days,...

Iraq: Moving Arabs out of Kirkuk?

Zeinobia from the Egyptian Chronicles is disturbed at news that Arabs will be moved out of the Kurdish city of Kirkuk in Iraq: “Day and night you blame Iran , but what about the Kurds !!?? with my all respect I don't like this ethnic plan as it will tear...

China: Inner-city toxics plant protested

  7 April 2007

In November last year, construction began on a chemical plant in Haicang district, located on Xiamen island in the capital of Southwestern China's Fujian province, slated to produce the solvent toluene, terephthalic acid, benzene and, for example, an expected annual output of 800,000 tons of the toxic para-xylene which, according...

Unblock Dailymotion campaign

Following the ban imposed by the Tunisian authorities on the popular video sharing site Dailymotion, Tunisian bloggers and activists have launched the “Unblock Dailymotion campaign”, on April 6th, 2007, in order to highlight the unfair ban and to draw the public attention to the aggressive censorship prevailing in the country.

Iran:Gifts for British sailors

View from Iran talks about the gifts that UK sailors received before leaving Iran. The blogger writes the strangest part yet (at least for me) is the parting gifts. Who provides released foreign captives with parting gifts? They got pistachios too: not too shabby a parting gift at all! Imagine,...

Iran:Police violence in a pop concert

According to Gamron [Fa], police attacked young people in Reza Sadegi‘s concert in Bandar Abbas a few days ago. The blogger says police warned them when young girls started to dance and even moved their headscarves.Garmon says nobody listened to this warning and they were attacked by police.