Bosnia & Herzegovina: Exploring the Pyramid

“Bosnian Pyramid? – Visocica Hill” – by sjareb

It's been over a year since the whole Bosnian pyramid media fuss started. Still, many talk about the possible discovery of Europe’s first step pyramid complex. The event is significant for Bosnia & Herzegovina's recovery, as it brings positive media attention and money into this poor and wounded country. Some disagree that the pyramid exploration followed by unique Balkan patriotism could be positive. After the findings proving that the structures below the hills had been made by humans, this part of the globe received additional media attention. Just 30 kilometers northwest of the capital city Sarajevo, in Visoko area, an archeological park has been set up. Founder of the whole undertaking, Semir Osmanagic, says the pyramid is at least 2,500 years old and may even date to the last ice age.

Sean Markey of the National Geographic began his report by saying this about Osmanagic:

He's been called a Balkan Indiana Jones. Others label him a dreamer, or worse, a pyramid buff with loony ideas.

Genijalci narrate the beginning of the story that shook the whole Bosnia (BIH):

Long time ago people at Visoko built the pyramids. The pyramid of the Sun is located at Visocica hill while the pyramid of the Moon is placed below Plesevica hill and the third pyramide of Bosnian Dragon is on the right side. Research aiming to prove the theory is being carried out at the moment. […] Detailed examination started on April 14, 2006. In April 2005, Semir Osmanagic, a US-based [businessman] and explorer paid a visit to the Visoko museum. Professor Senad Hodovic explained everything concerning the medieval Bosnia. He told him about the rocky remains of the old Visoko town and the legend about the three thrones of kings; the hill has a rare pyramidal shape which is an atypical phenomenon. Semir Osmanagic got interested in the affair. As an explorer, Osmanagic visited many locations throughout the world with similar sets of pyramids. He then acquired a license to conduct drills. He saw numerous anomalies pointing there might be a pyramid below the surface of the hill.

On the other side, Jahuthinks the story is yet another fraud presented to the public (BIH):

[…] Those “pyramid people” are skillfully serving us a huge dose of patriotism. The beleif in a factless thesis is ofthen connected to the struggle for better tomorrow of the country. A common person understands that the combination of blind fate, sci fi ideas, stupid lies and patriotism is more than harmful. Osmanagic and his crew don't think about possible consequences to our pockets […], peace and reputation of the state. It comes to “green patriotism” and putting up shows with businessmen, majors and other officials who visit. All these won't bring good, it just makes [confusion] faster. There is only the question of when the pyramidal vehicle will hit the concrete wall of deception [firstly intended to establish social peace in the country][…].

Kami favors the effort (BIH):

[…] The fourth day of the world’s greatest geo-archeological exploration has been completed. Exciting news is coming from the top of the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun. The scientific information is favoring the thesis, thus this will be a very special spring and summer time for our country and the world. Identical stone blocks have been found just one meter below the ground as the experts started their research by creating two wells at northeast side of the structure. The blocks were undoubtedly created by hands of human beings. […] This definitely throws down the assumption that the big rock was treated by people. It is absolutely clear, huge stones were carved in the first Bosnian quarry, transported to the location and built by men. […] All are invited to join this unique effort of history restoration.

MayaTitan of Mysterie World posts pictures and writes:

Here I am going to present more details about hill Visocica and the other two that are considered to be pyramids. Last weekend our expedition went to Visoko to make more shots. It was sunny and [the] pictures are good. First, let me say that the excavation began yesterday. […] [Later that day at the press conference they presented] a lot of details, including […] reports of pyramidally-shaped hills. Those reports tell us that eroding is not like on other [similar] or vulcanic hills, THAT HAVE PYRAMIDAL SHAPE, too. There are cases in South America and England where hills of pyramidal shape [exist] but further evidence differs from what they got on Visocica hill. Besides those reports, computer graphics model of pyramid was presented. Each side of the pyramid (hill) is 365 meters long. This figure is weird because it is also the number of days in year. Enough said…

Anonymous replies:

365 isn't a strange number – it only comes out to that value if you measure it in meters. What number do you get if you measure it in feet? Cubits? Yards? Furlongs? See? There's nothing magic about 365. Besides the number of days in a year is more like 365.25…


It is magic because experts obtained similar results […] when they measured […] some pyramids in Mexico. They got 365. It doesn't matter whether it is a coincidence [or not] but other proofs show that those objects are not formed by nature.

Bosnian expatriate Amir plans to visit his country because of the exciting news. He writes a letter-like post at the blog dedicated to Banja Luka (BIH):

[…] Regards to you, my best man. I am not sure if you are familiar with the pyramid situation, thus I am sending you a short insight, just because I don’t have anything clever to write about. […] I am getting ready to head towards the Visoko area in June, not sure about the date yet because I am awaiting response from my cousin Ajla who would like to join me. Sharing all the action with her would be neat. […] Everybody who wants to give us a hand is welcome. It's crazy down there in Visoko now as the place became the biggest archeological park globally. Many have passed through the town, including the CNN. As I write these passages, the scenes from the spot are rolling on my TV (a special CNN documentary). Radio Q broadcasts the program non–stop; the repetitor is set up at the peak of the Bosian pyramid of the Sun.

Co replies:

It’s nice. I see many interested people allowing the business to flourish. Topics of our conversations switched from day-to-day issues to something else. Bosnia needs something like this even if it’s far from the truth.


Jon Stewart, host of popular fake news on comedy channel, dedicated few minutes last night to Bosnian pyramids […] …


[…] I think this provides our youth with an opportunity to gather again from all parts of the world. Greetings to all young people taking part in the project.


[…] If it is a natural phenomenon we got to thank mother earth for the gift of having a hill with four equal sides [365 meters long] matching the cosmic north […]. And the tunnels leading deep below earth… The same pyramid makes up a triangle together with two other. […] The pyramid is there, whether artificial or genuine, it's there just [steps away]. Semir might be as they call him “an amateur”, but he is the only individual [from Bosnia & Herzegovina] to visit all the Latin American pyramids, and much more. Thus [Semir] is the greatest pyramid expert we have got in the country. Although an “amateur” he knows much more about [the great ancient constructions] than any of our archeologists. His hard work is exposed as the pyramid is being revealed. Therefore [all the theory experts] got terrified of losing current position. […] We would be lucky to have more [rookie] experts ready to tackle the issues [in a real way]. The citizens haven’t obtained any benefit from the so-called experts. […]


[…] This is great, especially for Bosnia youngsters. As I can notice, the working actions are conducted again there, like during the [good old] times [of socialism]. Young people are jobless either way, so the event gives them an opportunity to relax, socialize and forget the usual daily troubles. […] Abdullah Berekat, doctor of geology and one of the leading experts on Egyptian pyramids, verified yesterday that the stone blocks found on sides of Visocica hill weren’t laid out by the [forces] of nature but by the hands of humans […] Bekret needed just one day only to announce the stone objects were handmade. He also proclaimed the additives used to connect the stone blocks match those used on the Egyptian pyramids. [..]

Some bloggers joke. Raka says:

[…] An authentic witness appeared [this day]. Mr. [Abdullah] owns the records made during Cheops pyramid research; it was written that the Pharaoh mummy was wearing a trendy leather jacked with a label attached: “Visoko leather industry from Visoko.” […]


[…] Not so long ago, two mummies got out of the pyramid at Visoko to spontaneously look out around the town. One mummy asks another: “Do you understand whether time goes forwards or backwards here?”

Tai says:

[…] “Once upon a time, there were two brothers Ramzes and Ramzo. Ramzes went to Egypt, and Ramzo stayed in Visoko.”

At Zenica city news blog, Adan Dzonlic quotes Semir Osmanagic's response to the accusations made by professor of history from a nearby university. Among other things, Semir states (BIH):

[…] In the meantime, those who don’t want to climb the walls of the pyramid will be able sit and [and chill down in one of the coffee shops] at Duboko downtown and view the northern and eastern parts of the pyramid's walls as early as June this year. The Pyramide will keep on with positive aura creating waves of reality-based optimism affecting the planet with affirmative news concerning [Bosnia & Herzegovina] […].


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