12 June 2006

Stories from 12 June 2006

Myanmar: Lost Planet

  12 June 2006

Myanmar blogger at Man Actually takes shares pictures of some attractions and ethnic groups in Myanmar. He says “We can't beat Bangkok for party lovers but we can offer alternative dance parties like in the photos. I am sure they will like the drum beats with our unique rice &...

Martinique: Taxi Antics

  12 June 2006

According to Bien Vu(Fr), individual Martiniquan taxi drivers have a mind and a pricing all their own: “Sometimes, says the blogger, they do not turn on the meter during the ride and the price of the trip depends on their moods, their preference or quite simply your relationship to them....

Egypt: Inverting the Egyptian Flag

The Egyptian bloggers are circulating inverted Egyptian flags on their websites and mailing lists. The initiative was launched, it seems, shortly before the May 25 pro-judges demo, but it’s picking up now. Several blogs have posted the picture, Hossam said.

Palestine: Arab Desperate Housewives

Qwaider wonders: “I'm sure many of you are well aware of the show “Desperate housewives” aired just about everywhere these days. But has any one notices the mushrooming numbers of real desperate Arab housewives out there. Sure it's not as blatant and forward as it is in the west, nevertheless...

United Arab Emirates: Censorship, again!

UAE's ISP has blocked UAE community Blog. It's not clear yet what is the reason. A blogger who goes by the name war_in_iran said that: “They maybe the community was having a bad effect “culturally” on the the innocent youth of this great country.”

Mexico, Brazil: Marketers Score Goal

  12 June 2006

Arturo de Albornoz wonders if Coca-Cola didn't go too far when they turned several bus stops into (ES) goal post facades (with photos). A few days later, de Albornoz finds out that the Pepsi-owned brand “Gauraná Antarctica” one-upped Coca-Cola by engulfing entire bus stops with life sized goal posts (ES).

Philippines: Classroom Shortage

  12 June 2006

President Arroyo in Philippines suggested doubling the number of students in a class to solve the problem of classroom shortage. Rolly does not agree “Excuse me but is the President that naive? Is this a simple mathematical problem? Why do I sense a famous “eat-cake-because-there=is-no-bread” stance made by a beheaded...

Malaysia: Strange Encounters

  12 June 2006

Wendy thinks she has the ability to communicate with spirits. “The first time when I was 7. I used to cry and complained that I did not want to go to school. Reason? I used to sit in this dark bicycle shed before school starts. There was always this old...

Malaysia: Family Pride

  12 June 2006

Meifon talks about the importance of eating together with family and is proud of her parents who encourage her to be independent.

Czech Republic: Leos Janacek Archive

Jesse of Bored in Brno visits a famous Czech composer's archive (Leos Janacek, “considered among the three most significant Czech composers in the history of this country's music”) and finds it a bit too researcher-unfriendly.