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Eco Earth talks about the ecological wake-up call for India and China, both rapidly emerging economies of the world. And Om Malik talks about the freezing winter in New Delhi. This is the first time after 70 years that the city was hit by biting cold weather.

If is the football season in the USA, it is cricket fever in the Indian subcontinent. Sports fan around the world behave share lot of similarities, and the number one common factor is the passion for sports. Karthik talks about the upcoming cricket match between India and China and his dream team. And Chiray provides a schedule of the India-Pakistan cricket series.
Guru has a fascinating account of his trip from Hyderabad to Bombay in three parts, complete with pictures. And Freeshell has a post about what travelling in the local trains of Bombay means, and what you can expect to find.
Balaji talks of Pongal, the harvest festival that will be celebrated this weekend in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Parmendra Bhagat talks about the blame game in Nepal and the role of political parties and democracy in that country.

Cold weather is a topic of discussion in Karachi. And Sundries describes the unusually cold weather in Karachi. And on the marriage front, Hammad Din wonders if Pakistan's “aunty network” has subsided? Jawwad discusses Chinese goods flooding the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and its impact on cosumers. Yasir Ali in his Pakistan Diaries shares his impressions and the difference in the lifestyle between the rich and the poor people.

Sri Lanka:
Lankalife has a post on post-Tsunami recovery, and how conflict in the region is making organisations hesitant to invest or work in the sectors that need focus.


  • The Terrorists and the President

    Is President Rajapakse’s Indian trip, which began with such great expectations and ended with such unremarkable results, an omen of the fate of the Rajapakse Presidency?

    Good intentions will not suffice to defeat the ongoing Tiger campaign to outmanoeuvre Sri Lanka politically and militarily; a dash of intelligence, a touch of perspicacity, a pinch of word-wiseness may not come amiss. If one wants Indian help to tackle the Tigers then it is not exactly sensible to take a delegation to Delhi that does not contain a single Tamil politician but does contain a JHU monitor (the same JHU which was behind the unseemly mini-riots and death fasts against a show by Indian artistes just one year ago). If only Mr. Rajapakse paused to consider how the peculiar composition of his delegation plus his references ad nauseam to his fidelity to the unitary state would be perceived in Delhi and Tamilnadu…

  • War fears fuel inter-communal tensions in Sri Lanka

    TRINCOMALEE: Unnerved by fears that civil war may resume, perhaps within weeks, tension between communities is spiralling in Sri Lanka’s northeast and growing numbers are fleeing their homes, aid workers and residents say. The area, the only truly multi-ethnic part of the island republic, saw horrendous blood-letting in a two-decade civil war which was halted by a 2002 ceasefire. Now, all-too familiar inter-communal tensions have started to resurface.

  • Doves, Hawks, Eagles and us

    “We do not negotiate with terrorists. We put them out of business. We must not stop until they are defeated!”

    Warmonger, fanatic, racist, chauvinist and extremist are some of the labels that the peaceniks will promptly stick on anyone who may utter such words in this country, where a battered peace process is limping along on borrowed crutches. And the members of the international community will jump out of their armchairs and yell in unison, “Talks are the only way to peace!” and urge both parties to the conflict to make compromises and negotiate a settlement.

    But he who said the aforesaid words is no Sri Lankan. He is none other than the White House Spokesman. Scott McClellan is his name. US Vice President Dick Cheney has also said the same thing in different words: ‘I think you have to destroy them [terrorists]. It’s the only way to deal with them. Are Cheney and Scott warmongers? We simply don’t know. Nor do we care to know. All what we know is that they are saying what is good for the US and what is good for the US is not considered good for others, especially Sri Lanka, which is under pressure to negotiate with terrorists or in other words to keep them in business, come what may…..

  • US Undersecretary of Political Affairs, Nicholas Burns, in a press briefing in Colombo Today

    Full text of the remarks by Nicholas Burns to the press follows:

    UNDER SECRETARY BURNS: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a great pleasure for me to be with you. I’m very happy to be here in Sri Lanka to visit this country for the first time.

    I had excellent meetings today with the President and with the Foreign Minister. I was able to meet the Opposition Leader, to see a number of ministers and representatives of civil society, and, of course, fellow ambassadors from friendly countries to Sri Lanka. I had a wonderful lunch given by the Foreign Minister. I also was able to meet Minister Eric Solheim, and we compared notes on our mutual goal, and that is to work with the international community, and certainly work with the government, to try to restore peace and maintain the ceasefire here, and resume negotiations. Read more >>>

  • Sudar Oli Journalist shot dead

    Mr. Subramaniyam Sugirdharajan who worked as Freelance journalist in Tamil daily ‘Sudar Oli’ was shot dead by an un unidentified gunman around 6.45 am Today (24).

    The victim 35 Years, a father of two children has been permanent working in Prot Authority of Sri Lanka in Security Department.

    That incident occurred in Lower Road at Trinco, the New Governor’s office is situated close this place. read on>>>

  • I chanced upon this post while sifting through stuff on technorati.

    Freeshell is just the server that I’m hosted on. If you have to refer to me or my blog, I prefer “oook” :)

    Oh and your link to my post is broken, just remove the trailing backslash to fix it…

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