· August, 2008

Stories about Guinea-Bissau from August, 2008

Guinea-Bissau: Travel Pictures

  28 August 2008

Attending requests, Brigida Rocha Brito [pt] publishes some pictures of Forest of Cantanhez, Tombali region in southern Guinea-Bissau, towards Guiné Conacri borders, and promises more soon. “Next there will be new series of pictures from Bissau and a third one from Cachéu, region in the north near the border with...

Guinea-Bissau: Parliament is dissolved by the president

  5 August 2008

Duarte Figueiredo [pt] echoes the piece of news that the President of Guinea-Bissau, Joao Bernardo “Nino” Vieira, decided on the dissolution of the National Parliament today, “given the serious institutional crisis” that the country faces. Elections take place on November 16.

Guinea-Bissau: With no magic wand, we need good will

  5 August 2008

Désiré Elisée [pt] on Guinea-Bissau's economic, socio and political situation, which, according to him, doesn't get any better. “There are no good fairies, or magic wands, but there must be good will, technical competence and sense of state not to be up a “gum-three”.

Guinea-Bissau: On the lack of willingness to hold elections

  2 August 2008

Jorge Rosmaninho [pt] on the lack of willingness on the part of all political leaders to hold parliamentary elections in in Guinea-Bissau next November. “I would not be surprised if one of these mornings Bissau woke up under a military uprising, or even a coup. It has been such a...